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28. Magyar Bajnokság. döntő – 1972

Last update 15.09.2021 10:01:06, Creator/Last Upload: Hungarian Chess-Federation licence 10

Final Ranking crosstable after 15 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED123456789101112131415Pts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMCsom Istvan2540HUN*½½1½½½½1½½11111063,0006
2IMAdorjan Andras2515HUN½*½01½111½½1½½19,563,0006
3IMRibli Zoltan2525HUN½½*01½1101½11½19,561,2507
4NMNagy Ervin Dr2455HUN011*½0101½11½½½8,558,2506
5NMTompa Janos2385HUN½00½*1½1½1½½1½18,553,2505
6NMVadasz Laszlo2380HUN½½½10*½0½½½½111850,0004
7NMPolgar Istvan2370HUN½000½½*1½½1½111847,0005
8IMSax Gyula2460HUN½001010*10½11½17,545,5006
9NMPogats Jozsef Dr2200HUN0010½½½0*½½11½1742,0004
10IMForintos Gyozo2460HUN½½0½0½½1½*½½01½6,543,7502
11NMLukacs Peter2280HUN½½½0½½0½½½*011½6,542,2502
12NMHradeczky Tamas2200HUN0000½½½00½1*011528,5003
13NMSzeles Karoly2200HUN0½0½00000101*10424,0003
14NMBalogh Bela2200HUN0½½½½00½½0000*½3,526,7500
15NMSzabolcsi Janos2200HUN000½00000½½01½*316,5001

Tie Break1: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break2: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break3: The greater number Of victories