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Nona Cup (Rapid) 2021 - Open

Last update 16.09.2021 16:39:39, Creator/Last Upload: Georgian chess federation

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Starting rank

1GMMchedlishvili Mikheil13600966GEO2621
2GMQuparadze Giga13602250GEO2574
3GMPantsulaia Levan13602071GEO2551
4GMFier Alexandr2107139BRA2524
5GMJojua Davit13602543GEO2505
6GMSanikidze Tornike13602608GEO2500
7IMZarkua Davit13602292GEO2492
8GMPaichadze Luka13602934GEO2479
9GMSturua Zurab13600095GEO2463
10IMLortkipanidze Nodar13604058GEO2437
11IMManagadze Nikoloz13600575GEO2427
12GMBagaturov Giorgi13600133GEO2365
13IMPetriashvili Nikoloz13611216GEO2283
14IMKacharava Nikolozi13611860GEO2036
15Kiladze Luka13623389GEO1539