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BUDA GP-2 Master

Last update 24.10.2021 18:09:12, Creator/Last Upload: Polyánszky dr.

Player overview for ger

46Schletter Felix1905GER0½1½1½03,52221064070,40Master
34Schletter Dietmar0GER01010½02,52597400,00Future

Results of the last round for ger

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
767IMNemeth Zoltan2265 1 - 0 Schletter Felix190546
71119Pop Maria Olivia1220 1 - 0 Schletter Dietmar034

Player details for ger

Schletter Felix 1905 GER Rp:2106 Pts. 3,5
122Piroska Istvan2028HUN3,5s 00,33-0,3340-13,20
228Turcsanyi Vince Gergo1998HUN3,5w ½0,370,13405,20
312Kovacs David2188HUN3,5s 10,160,844033,60
420Kiss Mate Jozsef2058HUN2w ½0,300,20408,00
519Kakuk Sandor2077HUN3s 10,270,734029,20
614Kormos Adam2131HUN4w ½0,210,294011,60
77IMNemeth Zoltan2265HUN4,5s 00,10-0,1040-4,00
Schletter Dietmar 0 GER Rp:974 Pts. 2,5
117Kiss Inez1251HUN3,5w 0
2-bye- --- 1
312Kovacs Balazs1307ROU4,5s 0
422Bihary Soma Botond1164HUN2,5w 1
527Balogh Gerda1061HUN2,5s 0
631Gyalus Mark0HUN3,5w ½
719Pop Maria Olivia1220ROU3,5s 0