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BUDA GP-2 Master

Last update 24.10.2021 18:09:12, Creator/Last Upload: Polyánszky dr.

Player overview for can

40Yip Michael1954CAN100111041321892041,60Master

Results of the last round for can

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
756FMPasztor Balazs23024 1 - 04 Yip Michael195440

Player details for can

Yip Michael 1954 CAN Rp:2189 Pts. 4
117Pap Peter2120HUN3w 10,280,722014,40
29FMMarosi Levente2241HUN5s 00,16-0,1620-3,20
311Bokorovics Bertalan2217HUN4w 00,18-0,1820-3,60
426FMDonka Peter2005HUN2,5w 10,430,572011,40
520Kiss Mate Jozsef2058HUN2s 10,360,642012,80
622Piroska Istvan2028HUN3,5w 10,400,602012,00
76FMPasztor Balazs2302HUN5s 00,11-0,1120-2,20