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Scarborough Minor

Last update 31.10.2021 18:43:05, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1MADDEN Jason D426741ENG1550Leamington
2CLARKE Gary412138ENG1548Consett
3JACKSON Paul Robert445584ENG1548Lancashire *
4POPE Michael RENG1548Salisbury
5SUMMERLAND David436607ENG1548Leeds
7HUANG KiatENG1540Louth
8NETTLESHIP Andrew454591ENG1540Darnall & Handsworth
9KELLY AlanENG1533Wallasey
10SMART A DavidENG1533Dons
11CORREA Everson476544ENG1525Bolton
12MCKAY Ruairidh2406500SCO1525
13MILLER AdamENG1518Wallasey
14DUNNE David C439380ENG1510Nomads
15FARROW IanENG1510Dons
16BALDEA MerciaENG1503The Buffs
17COLEMAN Patrick NENG1503Lytham St Annes
18BUSWELL Paul461660ENG1495Hastings & St Leonards
19JACKSON MalcolmENG1495Ashfield
20BARKER Ian454460ENG1488Darnall & Handsworth
21LOVEGROVE David CharlesENG1488Newport (Shropshire)
22O`DONOGHUE Peter28548809ITA1488
23NAMOUK Omer AENG1480Hastings & St Leonards
24MATUSIAK MarcusENG1465Eagle And Child
25NIKFAZAN MohammadENG1465East Cheshire
26JOHNSON Stanley430080ENG1458South Shields
27CORREA Rebecca481432ENG1450Bolton
28ROE PhilipENG1428Scarborough
29FLETCHER Martin G479268ENG1420Hastings & St Leonards
30WATSON Andrew TENG1413Skegness
31STOCKLEY J AlanENG1405The Buffs
32FOY JeffENG1392Altrincham & Hale
33MARSDEN Kenneth L475556ENG1390Leeds
34MAY Natasha435970ENG1390Atticus
35SCORER David M497215ENG1387Clitheroe
36HUGHES Peter JENG1383Mutual Circle
37SAYER Ray M405990ENG1368Ashfield
38MCCULLOCH Andrew2405393SCO1360Scotland
39PATEL Diah Dipal496677ENG1323Hallfield School
40SZASZ Lili454630ENG1323Yorkshire Juniors
41GANTI ShriaanshENG1250Wakefield
42BUTLER Rene486922ENG1164Market Harborough
43PAL Rhea493783ENG1142Coventry Chess Academy
45GOODWIN TheoENG0Oswestry
46WAINWRIGHT BradleyENG0Poulton
47WRIGHT George AENG0Wimborne