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Thank you for participating in this event!
Winners will be published at the 4NCL website once all Fair Play scans are complete.

10th 4NCL Online Congress Under 1400

Last update 15.08.2021 18:06:19, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Chan Ngo Yu66202299HKG1398
2Vdovycia TitasENG1379
3Zeng Jonathan477370ENG1367
4Russell LloydENG1323
5Clancy DavidIRL1308
6Ba AmyENG1307
7Nair Aaditya497290ENG1280
8James JohnENG1248
9Fowler David ASCO1230
10Kinchin LewisENG1223
11Lynn Angelo2409429SCO1219
12Ainslie RichardENG1207
13Garner Luke489743ENG1197
14Saha SoumilENG1193
15Tekniepe T KlausENG1180
16Bagga Khushi1805703WLS1150
17Pitts DanielENG1140
18Gong ZimingENG750
19Haynes IndigoENG0
20Haynes StevenENG0