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Thank you for participating in this event!
Winners will be published at the 4NCL website once all Fair Play scans are complete.

10th 4NCL Online Congress Under 1700

Last update 15.08.2021 18:05:50, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Slegg GaryENG1592
2Richards Maurice AENG1497
3Baguley John436755ENG1486
4Harrington PeterENG1473
5Fancourt Leslie J454370ENG1458
6Kapur Gul454346ENG1447
7Page MichaelENG1430
8Aydin BoraENG1424
9Hylands Keith A486795ENG1418
10Constable Christine F415847ENG1415
11Matilal Tamal K436259ENG1393
12Mcwilliams Mark D490067ENG1389
13Hariharan Shambavi488160ENG1365
14Peach Clifford BENG1350
15Smith GuyENG1333
16Lloyd GregoryWLS1163
17Srivastava AdityaSCO722