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Winners will be published at the 4NCL website once all Fair Play scans are complete.

10th 4NCL Online Congress Under 2000

Last update 15.08.2021 18:05:23, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Maladkar Lavanya460290ENG1887
2Boughen AndrewENG1830
3Susanto Ridwan7105630INA1800
4Wheeler TimENG1785
5Tang Julian467987ENG1772
6Mutton Ian433020ENG1767
7Valentine SteveENG1752
8Shah Meeth10303111ENG1749
9Lawrence SpencerENG1718
10Webb NicholasIRL1685
11Macphail Kieran495379ENG1675
12Hollyman MikeWLS1673
13Taylor Robert P412929ENG1671
14Croucher BarryENG1653
15Adam David W450154ENG1603
16Clarkson PhilipENG1579
17Farahmandpour EhsanENG1509
18Wang LuokeENG1497