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21st World Senior Chess Championship - women section

Last update 19.12.2011 01:47:38, Creator: montenegro chess federation,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Player overview for est

6WIMFomina Tatyana2215EST½1½0½1½½½½16,5112153Women

Results of the last round for est

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
WIMFomina Tatyana2215 1 - 0 WFMKomysheva Margarita2081

Player details for est

WIM Fomina Tatyana 2215 EST Rp:2153 Pts. 6,5
125Abdikasova Panu1978KAZ6,0s ½
27Zaitseva Tamara2183RUS5,0w 1
320WFMDotan Valeria2083ISR5,5s ½
415WFMMelashvili Nino2106GEO8,0w 0
526Kabanova Irina1959RUS5,5w ½
622WFMKhropova Larisa2069RUS5,5s 1
718WFMLopatin Olga2091GER6,5w ½
824WFMKierzek Mira2023MKD5,5s ½
914WFMBogumil Tatiana2115RUS5,5w ½
103WGMKozlovskaya Valentina2281RUS6,0s ½
1121WFMKomysheva Margarita2081RUS5,5w 1
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