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Ciutat de Barcelona 2021 Grupo A 260992

Last update 26.08.2021 21:07:46, Creator/Last Upload: Manuel Navarro Perez

Player overview for bra

9GMFier Alexandr25580BRA111½½1½½174Grupo A

Results of the last round for bra

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
969GMFier Alexandr25586 1 - 06 IMSochacki Christophe249014

Player details for bra

GM Fier Alexandr 2558 BRA Rp:2640 Pts. 7
186Perez Bolanos Joel20480ESP4,5w 1
260MKRos Alonso Jaume21802280ESP5s 1
334FMBarbero Sendic Alejandro23222454ESP5w 1
416GMHamitevici Vladimir24710MDA5s ½
52GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.26410IND7w ½
612GMVisakh N R25160IND6,5s 1
713IMArjun Kalyan25030IND6,5w ½
86GMKarthikeyan Murali26060IND7s ½
914IMSochacki Christophe24900FRA6w 1