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Ciutat de Barcelona 2021 Grupo A 260992

Last update 26.08.2021 21:07:46, Creator/Last Upload: Manuel Navarro Perez

Player overview for IRL

30FMO`gorman Tom23770IRL110111½005,525Grupo A
114O`gorman Alice19260IRL101010001478Grupo A

Results of the last round for IRL

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
9915GMDvirnyy Danyyil2488 1 - 0 FMO`gorman Tom237730
947136Juncosa Padros Ernest18013 0 - 13 O`gorman Alice1926114

Player details for IRL

FM O`gorman Tom 2377 IRL Rp:2348 Pts. 5,5
1107Garraza Obaldia Esteban19610ESP3s 1
2103Sanchez Arevalo Luis19750ESP4,5w 1
36GMKarthikeyan Murali26060IND7s 0
470Travesset Sagre Jan21242270ESP5w 1
579FMThompson Ian D20760ENG4s 1
65GMPraggnanandhaa R26080IND4- 1K
72GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.26410IND7w ½
87GMPeralta Fernando25702547ARG7w 0
915GMDvirnyy Danyyil24880ITA6,5s 0
O`gorman Alice 1926 IRL Rp:2114 Pts. 4
137FMWebb Laurence E22930ENG4,5s 1
233IMValenzuela Gomez Fernando23582432CHI5,5w 0
363Tanmay Chopra21660IND6s 1
455CMBlasco Coll Andreu21982304ESP5w 0
565MKArmengol Comas Joaquim21592302ESP4,5s 1
652FMHristodorescu Daniel22110ROU6w 0
770Travesset Sagre Jan21242270ESP5s 0
873Gonzalvez Tamarit Ruben21050ESP4,5w 0
9136Juncosa Padros Ernest18012089ESP3s 1