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German Masters 2021

Last update 31.07.2021 20:50:39, Creator/Last Upload: GJO

Starting rank list of players

10GMBlübaum Matthias24651516GER26692676SF Deizisau
5GMMeier Georg4675789GER26282641SF Deizisau
8GMSvane Rasmus4657101GER26152620Hamburger SK von 1830
7GMBraun Arik4663527GER26092600SV Hockenheim
3GMFridman Daniel11600454GER26082599SV Mülheim-Nord 1931
4GMKollars Dmitrij12909572GER26072624SF Deizisau
2GMHeimann Andreas24624632GER25992582SF Deizisau
9GMGraf Alexander4680804GER25692548SF Deizisau
1GMEngel Luis12961523GER25432540Hamburger SK von 1830
6IMParvanyan Ashot13307550GER24512460SK Doppelbauer Kiel von 1910