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NOSBO stappenkampioenschap 2021 Stap 1

Last update 28.06.2021 18:32:42, Creator/Last Upload: NOSBO

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Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.RdPts. TB1  TB2 
1Hagen Carlijn434NED 21w1 3b0 18w1 8b1 10w1 4b1513,515,00
2Hagen Maurits485NED 22w1 11b0 14w1 19b1 3w1 5b151215,00
3Hardeman Imara614NED 14b1 1w1 6b1 9w½ 2b0 12w14,515,516,75
4Kolijn David541NED 8b1 19w1 9b0 5w1 6b1 1w0415,514,00
5Kolijn Simon602NED 20w1 13b1 11w1 4b0 9b1 2w0413,511,50
6Eilander Niek482NED 12b1 23w1 3w0 11b1 4w0 9b1413,510,50
7Oosterhuis Gijs441NED 10w1 9w0 8b0 18b1 11w1 15w1412,511,00
8Chan Thomas0NED 4w0 24b1 7w1 1w0 21b1 13b1412,59,50
9Van der Veen Maurijn634NED 16w1 7b1 4w1 3b½ 5w0 6w03,51612,75
10Gerrits Julian0NED 7b0 16b½ 22w1 12w1 1b0 19w13,511,57,75
11Schipper Sarah377NED 15b1 2w1 5b0 6w0 7b0 20w1314,59,50
12De Groot Mathies0NED 6w0 17b1 13w1 10b0 19w1 3b03137,50
13Reuver Tessel440NED 18b1 5w0 12b0 15w1 14b1 8w0312,57,50
14Schoonbeek Antonin347NED 3w0 21b1 2b0 20w1 13w0 18b1311,55,50
15Werkhoven Mels0NED 11w0 22b½ 16w1 13b0 17w1 7b02,5115,75
16Staal Paulien352NED 9b0 10w½ 15b0 23b1 18w0 21w12,59,54,25
17Greven Noa393NED 23b0 12w0 21b½ 24w1 15b0 22w12,56,53,25
18Gras Sigrid0NED 13w0 20b1 1b0 7w0 16b1 14w0212,54,50
19Van Heerd Luuk390NED 24w1 4b0 23w1 2w0 12b0 10b0211,52,00
20Wiltjer Justen338NED 5b0 18w0 24b1 14b0 23w1 11b0292,00
21Greven Vincent0NED 1b0 14w0 17w½ 22b1 8w0 16b01,5122,75
22Cristina Jason0NED 2b0 15w½ 10b0 21w0 24b1 17b01,5102,25
23Linsi Temu0NED 17w1 6b0 19b0 16w0 20b0 24w0192,50
24Van de Graaf Ilya0NED 19b0 8w0 20w0 17b0 22w0 23b1181,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable