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Vallentuna SK Öppna KM

Senast uppdaterad30.11.2011 23:21:31, Creator/Last Upload: scandinavian-chess-tournament

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1FMWesterberg JonathanSWE2391Vallentuna SK
2Thollin RobertSWE2036Vallentuna SK
3Nyberg LeifSWE1916Vallentuna SK
4Ekman LarsSWE1907Vallentuna SK
5Horta HectorSWE1899Vallentuna SK
6Wåhlin ChristoperSWE1745Vallentuna SK
7Centerström ThomasSWE1736Vallentuna SK
8Månsson AndersSWE1592Vallentuna SK
9Hammarström ChristerSWE1521Vallentuna SK
10Brorson LennartSWE1520Sollentuna SK
11Schmidt HeinzSWE1502Vallentuna SK
12Bylund BjörnSWE1324Vallentuna SK