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European Online Chess Club Cup 2021 - Group G

Last update 29.03.2021 11:17:10, Creator/Last Upload: biagioli

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Team composition for federation °

  6. Hello Sakk (RtgAvg:2368 / TB1: 7 / TB2: 15) Captain: Papp, Gabor
1FMBorhy Marcell2403HUN7707873,56
2FMPersanyi Barnabas2364HUN77127926
3IMKrstulovic Alex2347HUN76005647
4FMKaracsonyi Gellert2321HUN76462026
5FMJuhasz Agoston2356HUN7783460,55
6FMOngut Tamas Gunes2314HUN77028036