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A.Margaryan 11th Memorial- A4 U10 boys

Last update 16.01.2021 15:54:51, Creator/Last Upload: chess academy of armenia-2017

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Round 1 on 2021/01/09 at 15:00
12222Gasparyan Beniamin0 - 1Iboyan Mikayel200111
23222Avanesyan Aleksandr1 - 0Antonyan Sergey111110
341111Kocharyan Vache1 - 0Margaryan Aram*2229
451945Soghomonyan Tigran0 - 1Araqelyan Manvel*2228
56222Artenyan Haykaz½ - ½Harutyunyan Arman2227
61222Arzumanyan Avetik0bye0-1
Round 2 on 2021/01/10 at 15:00
18222Araqelyan Manvel*1 - 0Artenyan Haykaz2226
29222Margaryan Aram*1 - 0Soghomonyan Tigran19455
3101111Antonyan Sergey½ - ½Kocharyan Vache11114
4112001Iboyan Mikayel0 - 1Avanesyan Aleksandr2223
51222Arzumanyan Avetik1 - 0Gasparyan Beniamin2222
67222Harutyunyan Arman0bye0-1
Round 3 on 2021/01/11 at 15:00
13222Avanesyan Aleksandr1 - 0Arzumanyan Avetik2221
241111Kocharyan Vache1 - 0Iboyan Mikayel200111
351945Soghomonyan Tigran1 - 0Antonyan Sergey111110
46222Artenyan Haykaz1 - 0Margaryan Aram*2229
57222Harutyunyan Arman1 - 0Araqelyan Manvel*2228
62222Gasparyan Beniamin0bye0-1
Round 4 on 2021/01/12 at 15:00
19222Margaryan Aram*0 - 1Harutyunyan Arman2227
2101111Antonyan Sergey1 - 0Artenyan Haykaz2226
3112001Iboyan Mikayel1 - 0Soghomonyan Tigran19455
41222Arzumanyan Avetik½ - ½Kocharyan Vache11114
52222Gasparyan Beniamin½ - ½Avanesyan Aleksandr2223
68222Araqelyan Manvel*0bye0-1
Round 5 on 2021/01/13 at 15:00
141111Kocharyan Vache0 - 1Gasparyan Beniamin2222
251945Soghomonyan Tigran1 - 0Arzumanyan Avetik2221
36222Artenyan Haykaz0 - 1Iboyan Mikayel200111
47222Harutyunyan Arman1 - 0Antonyan Sergey111110
58222Araqelyan Manvel*1 - 0Margaryan Aram*2229
63222Avanesyan Aleksandr0bye0-1
Round 6 on 2021/01/14 at 10:30
1101111Antonyan Sergey0 - 1Araqelyan Manvel*2228
2112001Iboyan Mikayel1 - 0Harutyunyan Arman2227
31222Arzumanyan Avetik½ - ½Artenyan Haykaz2226
42222Gasparyan Beniamin1 - 0Soghomonyan Tigran19455
53222Avanesyan Aleksandr0 - 1Kocharyan Vache11114
69222Margaryan Aram*0bye0-1
Round 7 on 2021/01/14 at 15:30
151945Soghomonyan Tigran½ - ½Avanesyan Aleksandr2223
26222Artenyan Haykaz1 - 0Gasparyan Beniamin2222
37222Harutyunyan Arman1 - 0Arzumanyan Avetik2221
48222Araqelyan Manvel*1 - 0Iboyan Mikayel200111
59222Margaryan Aram*½ - ½Antonyan Sergey111110
641111Kocharyan Vache0bye0-1
Round 8 on 2021/01/15 at 15:00
1112001Iboyan Mikayel½ - ½Margaryan Aram*2229
21222Arzumanyan Avetik1 - 0Araqelyan Manvel*2228
32222Gasparyan Beniamin1 - 0Harutyunyan Arman2227
43222Avanesyan Aleksandr1 - 0Artenyan Haykaz2226
541111Kocharyan Vache1 - 0Soghomonyan Tigran19455
6101111Antonyan Sergey0bye0-1
Round 9 on 2021/01/16 at 15:00
16222Artenyan Haykaz0 - 1Kocharyan Vache11114
27222Harutyunyan Arman½ - ½Avanesyan Aleksandr2223
38222Araqelyan Manvel*1 - 0Gasparyan Beniamin2222
49222Margaryan Aram*1 - 0Arzumanyan Avetik2221
5101111Antonyan Sergey0 - 1Iboyan Mikayel200111
651945Soghomonyan Tigran0bye0-1
Round 10 on 2021/01/17 at 15:00
11222Arzumanyan AvetikAntonyan Sergey111110
22222Gasparyan BeniaminMargaryan Aram*2229
33222Avanesyan AleksandrAraqelyan Manvel*2228
441111Kocharyan VacheHarutyunyan Arman2227
551945Soghomonyan TigranArtenyan Haykaz2226
6112001Iboyan Mikayel0bye0-1
Round 11 on 2021/01/18 at 15:00
17222Harutyunyan ArmanSoghomonyan Tigran19455
28222Araqelyan Manvel*Kocharyan Vache11114
39222Margaryan Aram*Avanesyan Aleksandr2223
4101111Antonyan SergeyGasparyan Beniamin2222
5112001Iboyan MikayelArzumanyan Avetik2221
66222Artenyan Haykaz0bye0-1
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