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The Chess Academy Chess Open 2020 - U11

Last update 15.11.2020 07:49:52, Creator/Last Upload: sydney_Activekids

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Starting rank

1Su Bo Ruei Marcus6005535HKG1108
2Lu Jacob6004911HKG1037
3Bu Lingshen6006582HKG0
4Bu Zhiming6007775HKG0
5Chen Daniel Rui66203856HKG0
6Cho Gun Woo SpencerHKG0
7Kao JamisonHKG0
8Lau Aydan6007830HKG0
9Lee Chu Yuan Felix6006736HKG0
10Leung Lachlan Hoi Jun66201365HKG0
11Qin Bruce6007341HKG0
12Tie Theodore DennisHKG0
13Ye Max6006850HKG0