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Round 1 on 2020/10/15 at 19:30
1158Gerasimenko Ivan1 - 0Reid Mark8810
2286Brown Hugh1 - 0Evdokimova Maria929
3366Russell Lloyd0 - 1Young Andy1038
44124Robinson Neil1 - 0Jenkins David R1117
55122Constable Christine F0 - 1Richards Maurice A1176
Round 2 on 2020/10/22 at 19:30
11088Reid Mark1 - 0Richards Maurice A1176
27111Jenkins David RConstable Christine F1225
38103Young Andy0 - 1Robinson Neil1244
4992Evdokimova Maria1 - 0Russell Lloyd663
5158Gerasimenko Ivan0 - 1Brown Hugh862
Round 3 on 2020/10/29 at 19:30
1286Brown Hugh1 - 0Reid Mark8810
2366Russell Lloyd1 - 0Gerasimenko Ivan581
34124Robinson Neil1 - 0Evdokimova Maria929
45122Constable Christine F1 - 0Young Andy1038
56117Richards Maurice A1 - 0Jenkins David R1117
Round 4 on 2020/11/05 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkJenkins David R1117
28103Young Andy1 - 0Richards Maurice A1176
3992Evdokimova Maria0 - 1Constable Christine F1225
4158Gerasimenko Ivan0 - 1Robinson Neil1244
5286Brown Hugh1 - 0Russell Lloyd663
Round 5 on 2020/11/12 at 19:30
1366Russell Lloyd1 - 0Reid Mark8810
24124Robinson Neil1 - 0Brown Hugh862
35122Constable Christine FGerasimenko Ivan581
46117Richards Maurice A0 - 1Evdokimova Maria929
57111Jenkins David R0 - 1Young Andy1038
Round 6 on 2020/11/19 at 19:30
11088Reid Mark1 - 0Young Andy1038
2992Evdokimova MariaJenkins David R1117
3158Gerasimenko Ivan0 - 1Richards Maurice A1176
4286Brown Hugh0 - 1Constable Christine F1225
5366Russell Lloyd0 - 1Robinson Neil1244
Round 7 on 2020/11/26 at 19:30
14124Robinson Neil1 - 0Reid Mark8810
25122Constable Christine F1 - 0Russell Lloyd663
36117Richards Maurice A1 - 0Brown Hugh862
47111Jenkins David R1 - 0Gerasimenko Ivan581
58103Young Andy1 - 0Evdokimova Maria929
Round 8 on 2020/12/03 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkEvdokimova Maria929
2158Gerasimenko IvanYoung Andy1038
3286Brown HughJenkins David R1117
4366Russell LloydRichards Maurice A1176
54124Robinson NeilConstable Christine F1225
Round 9 on 2020/12/10 at 19:30
15122Constable Christine FReid Mark8810
26117Richards Maurice ARobinson Neil1244
37111Jenkins David RRussell Lloyd663
48103Young AndyBrown Hugh862
5992Evdokimova MariaGerasimenko Ivan581
Round 10 on 2020/12/17 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkGerasimenko Ivan581
2992Evdokimova MariaBrown Hugh862
38103Young AndyRussell Lloyd663
47111Jenkins David RRobinson Neil1244
56117Richards Maurice AConstable Christine F1225
Round 11 on 2021/01/07 at 19:30
16117Richards Maurice AReid Mark8810
25122Constable Christine FJenkins David R1117
34124Robinson NeilYoung Andy1038
4366Russell LloydEvdokimova Maria929
5286Brown HughGerasimenko Ivan581
Round 12 on 2021/01/14 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkBrown Hugh862
2158Gerasimenko IvanRussell Lloyd663
3992Evdokimova MariaRobinson Neil1244
48103Young AndyConstable Christine F1225
57111Jenkins David RRichards Maurice A1176
Round 13 on 2021/01/21 at 19:30
17111Jenkins David RReid Mark8810
26117Richards Maurice AYoung Andy1038
35122Constable Christine FEvdokimova Maria929
44124Robinson NeilGerasimenko Ivan581
5366Russell LloydBrown Hugh862
Round 14 on 2021/01/28 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkRussell Lloyd663
2286Brown HughRobinson Neil1244
3158Gerasimenko IvanConstable Christine F1225
4992Evdokimova MariaRichards Maurice A1176
58103Young AndyJenkins David R1117
Round 15 on 2021/02/04 at 19:30
18103Young AndyReid Mark8810
27111Jenkins David REvdokimova Maria929
36117Richards Maurice AGerasimenko Ivan581
45122Constable Christine FBrown Hugh862
54124Robinson NeilRussell Lloyd663
Round 16 on 2021/02/11 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkRobinson Neil1244
2366Russell LloydConstable Christine F1225
3286Brown HughRichards Maurice A1176
4158Gerasimenko IvanJenkins David R1117
5992Evdokimova MariaYoung Andy1038
Round 17 on 2021/02/18 at 19:30
1992Evdokimova MariaReid Mark8810
28103Young AndyGerasimenko Ivan581
37111Jenkins David RBrown Hugh862
46117Richards Maurice ARussell Lloyd663
55122Constable Christine FRobinson Neil1244
Round 18 on 2021/02/25 at 19:30
11088Reid MarkConstable Christine F1225
24124Robinson NeilRichards Maurice A1176
3366Russell LloydJenkins David R1117
4286Brown HughYoung Andy1038
5158Gerasimenko IvanEvdokimova Maria929
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