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1st Kiss Gyula Memorial

Last update 25.10.2020 11:39:25, Creator/Last Upload: logikusak

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Starting rank

1IMJuhasz Armin724270HUN2373MTK Budapeat
2AIMKovacsy Barnabas769290HUN2288MTK Budapest
3AIMHelenyi Zoltan17010764HUN2081Meritum Szeged
4Molnar Krisztian718815HUN2051Kalocsa
5Eros Gyorgy728535HUN1826Tatabánya
6Pechy Zoltan Peter737666HUN1657Haladás Szhely
7Puskas Mihaly17003202HUN1484Maróczy SE Szeged
8Eros Vivien795267HUN1431Tatabánya
9Baki Bence17001595HUN1346Baja
10Varga Janos797570HUN1327Kalocsa
11Varga Laszlo798169HUN1263Kalocsa
12Marko Balint17005094HUN1202Kalocsa
13Antal Daniel796603HUN1198Kalocsa
14Karman Gergely17008360HUN1153Meritum Szeged
15Karman Laszlo17013259HUN0Meritum Szeged
16Karman Mihaly17013070HUN0Meritum Szeged
17Szemeredi Levente17009952HUN0Kalocsa