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OeISM Blitz Frauen - FINALE

Last update 04.10.2020 12:59:08, Creator/Last Upload: Walter Kastner

Starting rank list of players

9FMRagger Anna-Christina16141422204tiiinchen
2WFMTeuschler Barbara16020472099chess070707
11WIMExler Veronika16205502152kojote
4WFMHapala Elisabeth16220802154Sonnnenblume
5WFMTrippold Denise16255942147detri
6WIMMira Helene16016012082mira
8Kordzadze Nino136038172015nino_kordzadze
10Mörwald Magdalena16320781850magdalena_m
3Vicze Zsofia7865191834zsofia04
7Chen Qingxia86115991753chenqx
12Vicze Kata7865271854Viczekata
1Mörwald Miriam16494851743Miriamk