MČR mládeže rapid 2020 D12

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Tournament selectionD10, D12, D14, H10, H12, H14, open
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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Janoušková Adéla1540CZE 8b½ 18w1 12b1 6w1 5b½ 3b1 2w0 4b1 7w½6,51,046,049,5
2Veverková Dorota1313CZE 22b1 3w0 16b1 12w1 11b½ 5w1 1b1 9w1 4b06,51,043,543,5
3Bartečková Denisa1392CZE 17w1 2b1 5b0 13w1 6b½ 1w0 12w1 15b1 9b16,51,042,546,5
4Dobsa Emma1432CZE 11b1 12w0 13b0 16w1 17b1 15w1 5b1 1w0 2w16,01,041,045,0
5Dudková Josefína1453CZE 13w1 10b1 3w1 9b1 1w½ 2b0 4w0 6b½ 14w16,00,045,550,0
6Sikorová Jana1424CZE 19w1 9b½ 14w1 1b0 3w½ 12b½ 10w½ 5w½ 13b15,50,042,545,5
7Rybáčková Lucie1371CZE 15b½ 8w0 18b1 11w0 13b½ 16w1 17w1 10b1 1b½5,50,038,542,0
8Hetfleischová Elen1297CZE 1w½ 7b1 9w0 14b0 20w1 10b0 19w1 12b1 15w15,50,038,040,5
9Šťávová Markéta1353CZE 16b1 6w½ 8b1 5w0 15b½ 11w1 13b1 2b0 3w05,00,043,547,5
10Cinková Vicky1357CZE 21w1 5w0 11b½ 15w0 19b1 8w1 6b½ 7w0 17b15,00,038,540,0
11Kaplanová Dominika1258CZE 4w0 20b1 10w½ 7b1 2w½ 9b0 15w0 22b1 21w15,00,036,036,0
12Březíková Beáta1350CZE 20w1 4b1 1w0 2b0 14w1 6w½ 3b0 8w0 22b14,50,043,543,5
13Mikešová Lenka1276CZE 5b0 21w1 4w1 3b0 7w½ 14b1 9w0 20b1 6w04,50,041,543,0
14Archlebová Stela1422CZE 18b½ 15w1 6b0 8w1 12b0 13w0 20b1 16w1 5b04,50,037,540,0
15Dorazilová Kristýna1137CZE 7w½ 14b0 17w1 10b1 9w½ 4b0 11b1 3w0 8b04,00,043,047,0
16Jančová Pavla Julia1076CZE 9w0 19b1 2w0 4b0 22w1 7b0 21w1 14b0 18b14,00,035,535,5
17Kodetová Adriana1184CZE 3b0 22w1 15b0 19b1 4w0 18w1 7b0 21b1 10w04,00,035,035,0
18Svačinová Valentýna1203CZE 14w½ 1b0 7w0 20b½ 21w½ 17b0 22w1 19b1 16w03,50,031,531,5
19Lacková Ludmila1224CZE 6b0 16w0 22b1 17w0 10w0 21b1 8b0 18w0 20w13,00,031,531,5
20Policerová Barbora1049CZE 12b0 11w0 21b1 18w½ 8b0 22b1 14w0 13w0 19b02,50,032,032,0
21Vágnerová Eliška1082CZE 10b0 13b0 20w0 22w1 18b½ 19w0 16b0 17w0 11b01,50,031,531,5
22Kovářová Karolína1026CZE 2w0 17b0 19w0 21b0 16b0 20w0 18b0 11w0 12w00,00,033,034,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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