This is a start list of all the teams starting in the Top Division. Pools and the playing schedule will be published later. 15 teams from Division 2 will qualify for the Top Division.

2020 FIDE Online Olympiad Top Division

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Team-Composition without round-results

  24. Morocco (RtgAvg:1879 / TB1: 0 / TB2: 0) Captain: Tissir, Mohamed
1IMTissir Mohamed2354MAR90002400,0
2IMOnkoud Abdelaziz2361MAR90002830,0
3WFMAlaoui Belghiti Chaimaa1703MAR90023750,0
4Mayar ElIdrissi Firdaous1776MAR90017270,0
5Hadj Kholti Yasser1658MAR90032580,0
6WFMMakhlouf Ahlam1419MAR90033800,0
7FMZrikem Nassim1871MAR90026930,0
8FMAithmidou Mohamed-Mehdi2228MAR90007200,0
9WIMRania Sbai1788MAR90021460,0
10Aattar Ikram1442MAR90030020,0
11Ghanoui Nidal1900MAR90032310,0
12Ait Bentaleb Hiba1728MAR90103270,0
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