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34rd Ikaros International chess tournament 2011 Agean Open Championship 2011

Last update 16.07.2011 14:32:50, Creator/Last Upload: IA Ulysses Vazelakis

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMZAGREBELNY SERGEY2485UZB 52b1 28w1 9b1 12w1 8b1 7w½ 13b1 5w1 2b07,555,543,57
2GOUMAS GEORGIOS2323GRE 89w1 15b½ 56w1 8b0 60w1 36w1 18b1 4b1 1w17,549397
3FMLAVENDELIS EGONS2303LAT 49b1 54w1 36b1 6w½ 5b½ 12w½ 15b1 7w½ 14w1751,540,55
4IMSAMOLINS VITALIJS2412LAT 84b1 41w1 17b1 5w½ 6b½ 8w1 7b½ 2w0 23b16,554,542,55
5DOGGERS PETER2263NED 46w1 29b1 24w1 4b½ 3w½ 6w½ 12b1 1b0 19w16,554,542,55
6IMRIS ROBERT2395NED 72w1 16b1 35w1 3b½ 4w½ 5b½ 14w1 11b½ 10w½6,554434
7IMBERZINSH ROLAND2434LAT 30w½ 70b1 47w1 53b1 13w1 1b½ 4w½ 3b½ 11w½6,552,5414
8KANAKARIS GEORGIOS2281GRE 59b1 39w1 34b1 2w1 1w0 4b0 37b1 20w½ 28b16,552406
9LAGOPATIS NIKOLAOS2181GRE 38b1 50w1 1w0 29b1 26w1 18b0 16w½ 55b1 20b16,551396
10WIMSKINKE KATRINA2242LAT 69w1 55b1 26w1 13b0 19w1 14b0 24w1 43b1 6b½6,54938,56
11IMGRIGORIADIS ALEXANDROS2300GRE 73w1 47b½ 42w1 15b0 67w1 27b1 35w1 6w½ 7b½6,547,5375
12WGMBERZINA ILZE2307LAT 66w1 32b1 19w1 1b0 15w1 3b½ 5w0 26b1 17w½654425
13IMKAMENETS ANATOLIJ2328UKR 71b1 31w1 23b1 10w1 7b0 21w1 1w0 14b0 25b1652,5416
14FMGAZIS EFSTATHIOS2322GRE 51b1 25w½ 37b½ 31w1 20b1 10w1 6b0 13w1 3b0652,540,55
15PANAGIOTOPOULOS VASILIOS1965GRE 93b1 2w½ 25b1 11w1 12b0 17w1 3w0 22b½ 40b165241,55
16FINOKALIOTIS GEORGIOS1983GRE 65b1 6w0 49b1 46w1 17b½ 23w½ 9b½ 18w½ 44b1649384
17FMPOUNTZAS HRISANTHOS2177GRE 58w1 60b1 4w0 55b1 16w½ 15b0 38b1 53w1 12b½647,536,55
18KOUKOUFIKIS ALEXANDROS2258GRE 75b½ 27w½ 89b1 54w1 37b½ 9w1 2w0 16b½ 41b1646,536,54
19WFMIKONOMOPOULOU MARIA2102GRE 87b1 40w1 12b0 85w1 10b0 25w1 31b1 21w½ 5b05,547,537,55
20WFMUNGURE LIGA2101LAT 67w1 42b½ 30w½ 74b1 14w0 40b1 58w1 8b½ 9w05,54736,54
21GOUMAS IOANNIS2202GRE 64w1 56b½ 57w1 22b½ 24w1 13b0 34w½ 19b½ 32w½5,546,5363
22WIMVORONOVA TATIANA2225LAT 76b1 44w1 53b½ 21w½ 36b½ 34w½ 28b½ 15w½ 31b½5,546362
23PAPARGYRIOU ANASTASIOS2114GRE 86w1 74b1 13w0 48b½ 56w1 16b½ 26w½ 57b1 4w05,545,535,54
24TSIOTRIDIS PANAYOTIS2033GRE103b1 45w1 5b0 52w1 21b0 51w1 10b0 38w½ 62b15,545365
25FAHOURI NIDAL1882JOR107w1 14b½ 15w0 75b1 59w1 19b0 61w1 34b1 13w05,54435,55
26TSAGAROPOULOS SPYRIDON2018GRE 94b1 68w1 10b0 71w1 9b0 52w1 23b½ 12w0 63b15,544355
27WFMUROSEVIC MARIJA2058SRB 70w0 18b½ 88w1 42b1 48w1 11w0 39b½ 63b½ 57w15,544344
28NIKOMANIS ANDREAS1980GRE 91w1 1b0 73w1 67b0 69w1 72b1 22w½ 35b1 8w05,543,5335
29XIROMERITIS EVANGELOS1865GRE104b1 5w0 76b1 9w0 49b1 38w0 68b1 33w½ 66b15,543345
30ZERVOGIANNIS ALEXANDROS1707GRE 7b½ 75w1 20b½ 36w0 68b0 78w1 76b1 39w½ 53b15,542,5324
31HRISTODOULAKI ANTONIA1921GRE111w1 13b0 69w1 14b0 73w1 67b1 19w0 48b1 22w½5,542345
32ATHANASIOU GEORGIOS1954GRE106b1 12w0 46b0 80w1 45b0 64w1 89b1 52w1 21b½5,53930,55
33PAPADOULIS GEORGIOS1090GRE 34b0 52w0108b1 89w1 71b1 44w0 72w1 29b½ 55w15,53729,55
34VAZELAKIS DIMITRIOS2022GRE 33w1 48b1 8w0 72b1 35w½ 22b½ 21b½ 25w0 42w½547,5373
35THAKOERDIEN JERREL2118NED 77b1 62w1 6b0 40w1 34b½ 45w1 11b0 28w0 39b½54736,54
36LAZARIDIS STAVROS2079GRE 78b1 85w1 3w0 30b1 22w½ 2b0 55w0 45b½ 69w1546,535,54
37EIJK YURI2080NED 98w1 57b½ 14w½ 63b1 18w½ 58b½ 8w0 41w½ 50b½545,5362
38DOUNI MARIA1538GRE 9w0 90b1 55w0 91b1 63w1 29b1 17w0 24b½ 47w½543,5344
39PAGALI MARIANNA1842GRE102w1 8b0 58w½ 86b1 43w½ 61b½ 27w½ 30b½ 35w½543,5342
40KOUTSOMPINAS GEORGIOS1759GRE 88w1 19b0 61w1 35b0 64w1 20w0 59b1 67b1 15w054333,55
41GEROUKALIS ATHANASIOS1955GRE 92w1 4b0 59w½ 57b1 58w0 42b1 74w1 37b½ 18w054333,54
42BATASHEVS ARSENS1762LAT100b1 20w½ 11b0 27w0 77b1 41w0 65b1 68w1 34b½54333,54
43ORNITHOPOULOS NIKOLAOS2096GRE 68b0103w1 51b1 45w½ 39b½ 85w1 44b1 10w0 -0542,533,54
44FROSINOS IOANNIS1833GRE 90w1 22b0 86w½ 70b1 53w½ 33b1 43w0 58b1 16w0542334
45KARAGIANNIS THOMAS ARISTOTELIS1720GRE 80w1 24b0 94w1 43b½ 32w1 35b0 53b0 36w½ 77b1541,533,54
46HALKIADAKIS EVANGELOS1611GRE 5b0117w+ 32w1 16b0 55w0 95b1 63w0 90b1 74w154131,55
47MOES JORIS1903NED108b1 11w½ 7b0 59b0 86w1 62w1 57b0 85w1 38b½540,5324
48KABANIS NIKOLAOS1721GRE112b1 34w0 68b1 23w½ 27b0 60b½ 69w1 31w0 76b1539,532,54
49EFKARPIDIS STYLIANOS1626GRE 3w0 91b1 16w0 95b1 29w0 79b0103w1 80b1 81w+539,5305
50GIANNOPOULOU KALLIOPI1796GRE 81w1 9b0 67w0 -0106b1 98b1 66w½ 61b1 37w½539304
51HAIROPOULOS STEFANOS1645GRE 14w0107b1 43w0 94b1 92w1 24b0 60w½ 56b½ 67w153829,54
52SOURSOS PANAYOTIS1716GRE 1w0 33b1 80w1 24b0 81w1 26b0 79w1 32b0 64w½4,546,5354
53MIDDELHOVEN HUIB1984NED 79w1 63b1 22w½ 7w0 44b½ 74b½ 45w1 17b0 30w04,54635,53
54ALEXOPOULOS ALEXIOS1858GRE 83w1 3b0 64w1 18b0 61w0 59b½ 73w½ 82b1 58w½4,545343
55ANTONIADIS KONSTANTINOS1852GRE114b1 10w0 38b1 17w0 46b1 68w½ 36b1 9w0 33b04,543,536,54
56DRITSOULA EVANGELIA1837GRE 99b1 21w½ 2b0 77w1 23b0 57w0 70b1 51w½ 59b½4,543,5333
57GRIGORIADIS MIHAIL1735GRE 96b1 37w½ 21b0 41w0 70b1 56b1 47w1 23w0 27b04,54334,54
58LEMONIS KYRIAKOS1537GRE 17b0104w1 39b½ 62w1 41b1 37w½ 20b0 44w0 54b½4,54334,53
59DOULIDIS PAVLOS-GEORGIOS1612GRE 8w0 92b1 41b½ 47w1 25b0 54w½ 40w0 79b1 56w½4,54333,53
60IATROS ARISTIDIS1824GRE 97b1 17w0 77b½ 78w1 2b0 48w½ 51b½ 66w0 87b14,542,5323
61MOES MACHIEL1782NED 62b0100w1 40b0 93w1 54b1 39w½ 25b0 50w0 85b14,539,5314
62STAMATAKOS DIMITRIOS1773GRE 61w1 35b0 70w½ 58b0 88w1 47b0 86w1 75b1 24w04,539,530,54
63KOUKOUFIKIS IOANNIS1720GRE109b1 53w0 99b1 37w0 38b0 81w1 46b1 27w½ 26w04,539324
64HALIORIS STEFANOS-ANTHIMOS1572GRE 21b0108w1 54b0 65w1 40b0 32b0 94w1 71w1 52b½4,53830,54
65DOUNI KONSTANTINA1010GRE 16w0 72b0 83w1 64b0100w1 73b½ 42w0 96b1 86w14,537284
66TSATSARONIS DIMITRIOS1639GRE 12b0 93w0 78b0114w1104b1 99w1 50b½ 60b1 29w04,534,5284
67DOUNI ASPASIA1388GRE 20b0110w1 50b1 28w1 11b0 31w0 71b1 40w0 51b0444,5364
68VAZOURAS HRISTOS1440GRE 43w1 26b0 48w0 90b1 30w1 55b½ 29w0 42b0 73w½443,5353
69GEROUKALIS HRISTOS1603GRE 10b0 97w1 31b0 79w1 28b0 93w1 48b0 78w1 36b0441,5324
70ANDROUTSOPOULOS-AGIOTATOS VASI1230GRE 27b1 7w0 62b½ 44w0 57w0 88b1 56w0104b1 75w½440,531,53
71SPYROPOULOS ATHANASIOS1676GRE 13w0 79b1 95w1 26b0 33w0 80b1 67w0 64b0 92w1440314
72TESKOS GEORGIOS1697GRE 6b0 65w1 93b1 34w0 99b1 28w0 33b0 76w0 91b144030,54
73PAPADOULIS VASILIS1620GRE 11b0106w1 28b0103w1 31b0 65w½ 54b½ 87w½ 68b½439302
74MAROULAKOS STAVROS1791GRE110b1 23w0 87b1 20w0 76b1 53w½ 41b0 77w½ 46b0438,5313
75KAMITSIS NIKOLAOS1606GRE 18w½ 30b0 96b1 25w0 78b½103w1 85b½ 62w0 70b½438,5302
76MORES KONSTANTINOS1573GRE 22w0102b1 29w0107b1 74w0 91b1 30w0 72b1 48w0438304
77ARVANITAKIS PANAGIOTIS1497GRE 35w0111b1 60w½ 56b0 42w0 92b1 84w1 74b½ 45w0437,530,53
78DOULIDIS ANASTASIOS1160GRE 36w0 88b½ 66w1 60b0 75w½ 30b0 92w1 69b0 90w143728,53
79KONTIS MICHAIL1045GRE 53b0 71w0104b1 69b0 83w1 49w1 52b0 59w0 89b1435284
80VALEMBOIS PIERRE1150BEL 45b0109w1 52b0 32b0102w1 71w0106b1 49w0101b1433,526,54
81KRYSTALLIS NIKOLAOS1215GRE 50b0112w1 85b0 96w1 52b0 63b0 91w1 89w1 49b-433264
82NIKITOPOULOS AGGELOS1360GRE -0 -0 -0 -0113b1112b1107w1 54w0 97b1431,5254
83GEMELAS STERGIOS0GRE 54b0 87w0 65b0108w1 79b0106w0110b1 95w1 94b142922,54
84PAPADOPOULOS EMANOUIL1703GRE 4w0 95b0 90w0 -0114b1110w1 77b0106w1 93b1428,521,54
85MITSAKOS ACHILLEAS1724GRE101w1 36b0 81w1 19b0 98w1 43b0 75w½ 47b0 61w03,54031,53
86FRAGIADAKI EIRINI1455GRE 23b0114w1 44b½ 39w0 47b0 97w1 62b0 93w1 65b03,536303
87KARATZANOS KONSTANTINOS1430GRE 19w0 83b1 74w0 92b0 91w0101b1 95w1 73b½ 60w03,534,5263
88POULOS ANTONIOS(FILIPPOS)0GRE 40b0 78w½ 27b0112w1 62b0 70w0 97b0108w1104w13,532253
89AVRAMOPOULOS PERIKLIS1675GRE 2b0116w+ 18w0 33b0107w1 94b1 32w0 81b0 79w0341,531,53
90KEFALOU MARIA-HRYSOYLA1000GRE 44b0 38w0 84b1 68w0103b0105w1 99b1 46w0 78b0336,5293
91GEORGAKOPOULOS NIKOLAOS K1005GRE 28b0 49w0110b1 38w0 87b1 76w0 81b0 98b1 72w033628,53
92ANDRIANATOU XANTHOULA1000GRE 41b0 59w0100b1 87w1 51b0 77w0 78b0 99w1 71b0336283
93ANDRIANATOS-POUGIOUKLIDIS ANARGYROS1005GRE 15w0 66b1 72w0 61b0109w1 69b0 98w1 86b0 84w0335,5283
94TREKLI NIKI1075GRE 26w0115b+ 45b0 51w0110b1 89w0 64b0102b1 83w033527,53
95KEFALOU DIONISIA1070GRE -0 84w1 71b0 49w0 96b1 46w0 87b0 83b0109w1334,5283
96PROESTOS CHRISTOS0GRE 57w0 98b1 75w0 81b0 95w0102b½111w1 65w0100b½33225,52
97KOUGIOUMTZOGLOU HRISTOFOROS1000GRE 60w0 69b0 98w0102b½112w1 86b0 88w1103b½ 82w0331,5242
98POULOS STYLIANOS1385GRE 37b0 96w0 97b1106w1 85b0 50w0 93b0 91w0103b1331233
99KEFALOS STAMATIOS1155GRE 56w0101b1 63w0109b1 72w0 66b0 90w0 92b0111w1330243
100POULOS ANTONIOS (STILIANOS)0GRE 42w0 61b0 92w0105w1 65b0107b0112w½109b1 96w½329,5232
101PROESTOS DIAMANTIS0GRE 85b0 99w0106b0104w0108b1 87w0105b1107b1 80w0327,521,53
102KEFALOS ISIDOROS1000GRE 39b0 76w0112b½ 97w½ 80b0 96w½104b½ 94w0110b1327,5211
103HATOGLOU NIKOLAOS1090GRE 24w0 43b0111w1 73b0 90w1 75b0 49b0 97w½ 98w02,534,5272
104DIAKOS NIKOLAOS0GRE 29w0 58b0 79w0101b1 66w0109b1102w½ 70w0 88b02,533,526,52
105KAZALAS CHRISTOS0GRE -0 -0 -0100b0111w1 90b0101w0112b½114w12,526,5212
106DALDARAS-PSYLLOS MICHAIL1005GRE 32w0 73b0101w1 98b0 50w0 83b1 80w0 84b0 -0236,5282
107DALDARAS-PSYLLOS GEORGIOS1005GRE 25b0 51w0114b1 76w0 89b0100w1 82b0101w0 -0232,5262
108BRATSIS STILIANOS0GRE 47w0 64b0 33w0 83b0101w0113b1109w0 88b0112w1231,524,52
109VARTHOLOMOU ADAMANTIA0GRE 63w0 80b0 -1 99w0 93b0104w0108b1100w0 95b0228,5221
110MELIGARIS IOANNIS0GRE 74w0 67b0 91w0111b1 94w0 84b0 83w0114b1102w0227,522,52
111KOUGIOUMTZOGLOU NIKOLAOS1000GRE 31b0 77w0103b0110w0105b0114w1 96b0113w1 99b0227,521,52
112PROESTOS IRAKLIS0GRE 48w0 81b0102w½ 88b0 97b0 82w0100b½105w½108b01,534260
113SINANI NIKO0ALB -0 -0 -0 -0 82w0108w0114b-111b0 -1129230
114GLAROU DIMITRA0GRE 55w0 86b0107w0 66b0 84w0111b0113w+110w0105b0128,5231
115KARAHISARIDIS VASILIOS1928GRE -0 94w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210
KARAHISARIDOU VASILIKI1010GRE -0 89b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210
KARAHISARIDIS NIKOLAOS1000GRE -0 46b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories