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Blackpool Minor

Last update 15.03.2020 19:42:31, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Ter Gevorkian Edouardos134GRE 8w½ 37b1 23b1 5w1 4b14,50415
2Maher Luke128ENG 34w1 48b1 3w½ 22b1 15w14,50412,5
3Vout Will120ENG 49b1 21w1 2b½ 7w½ 20b140315
4Hepworth Nigel131ENG 25b1 6w1 15b1 1w03,50316
5Price David P118ENG 9w½ 51b1 44w1 1b0 22w13,50313,5
6Arthurton Robert124ECF 47b1 7w½ 4b0 24w1 30b13,50313
7Barnes. David130ENG 19w1 6b½ 31w1 3b½ 8w½3,50216,5
8Carey Con122ENG 1b½ 10w½ 49b1 33w1 7b½3,50215,5
9Roberts Malcolm129ENG 5b½ 26w1 24b1 20w½ 12b½3,50214,5
10Rogers Simon133ENG 8b½ 34w1 17w½ 25b13,50213,5
11Kelly Andy125ENG 40b½ 28w1 14b½ 21w½ 26b13,50213
12Blencowe Ian126ENG 43w½ 13b½ 48w1 23b1 9w½3,50212,5
13Novak Barbara115ECF 30b½ 12w½ 32b½ 45w1 21b13,50212,5
14Fearnhead Paul114ENG 38b1 11w½ 30w½ 33b13,50212,5
15Walker Kate134Eng 35b1 17w1 33b1 4w0 2b030315
16Beardsley Martin118ECF 21b0 27w0 47b1 48w1 35b13039
17Buckell David124ENG 46w1 15b0 43w1 10b½ 18w½30212,5
18Ashton David Neil130ENG 24w0 42b1 35w1 17b½30212
19Greenaway Terence119ENG 7b0 46w1 31b½ 39w130211
20Hall Les88ENG -1 45b1 22w½ 9b½ 3w030113,5
21Stone Ian130ENG 16w1 3b0 36w1 11b½ 13w02,50216
22Amos Robert127ENG 41b1 32w1 20b½ 2w0 5b02,50215
23Cox Kevin119ENG 39w1 44b1 1w0 12w0 32b½2,50214
24Reese Jonathan119ENG 51w½ 18b1 9w0 6b0 36w12,50213,5
25Illingworth John122ENG 4w0 52b1 38b1 10w02,50212,5
26Berry Robert115ENG 38w½ 9b0 51w1 37b1 11w02,50212,5
27Proudfoot Andy115ENG 45w0 16b1 39w0 34b1 31w½2,50211
28Gorman Ken101ENG 37w½ 11b0 38w0 53b1 44w12,5029,5
29Mitchell Ian108ENG 52b1 33w0 30b0 41w½ 48b12,5028,5
30Zigmond Andrew126ENG 13w½ 43b½ 29w1 14b½ 6w02,50115
31Milson Neil125ENG 40w1 7b0 19w½ 27b½2,50113,5
32Morris Nigel124ENG 50w1 22b0 13w½ 39b½ 23w½2,50111
33Horman Paul A127ENG 36w1 29b1 15w0 8b0 14w020214,5
34Rigby James118ENG 2b0 47w1 10b0 27w0 50b120212
35Farrell Joseph122ENG 15w0 50b1 45w1 18b0 16w020211
36Dacre Ian117ECF 33b0 53w1 21b0 50w1 24b02028
37Merry John124ENG 28b½ 1w0 40b1 26w0 43b½20113,5
38Catlow Robert126ENG 26b½ 14w0 28b1 25w0 42b½20113
39Parry Haydn132WLS 23b0 42w½ 27b1 32w½ 19b020112,5
40Kelly Alan113ENG 11w½ 31b0 37w0 52w1 41b½20111
41Rush Steven J118ENG 22w0 49w0 53b1 29b½ 40w½2019,5
42Coles Martin116ENG 44w0 39b½ 18w0 46b1 38w½2019,5
43Jackson Paul116ENG 12b½ 30w½ 17b0 44b½ 37w½20012,5
44Strickland Ian127ENG 42b1 23w0 5b0 43w½ 28b01,50112,5
45Boustred Noel125ENG 27b1 20w0 35b0 13b0 47w½1,50111,5
46Friar Colin107ENG 17b0 52w½ 19b0 42w0 53w+1,5019,5
47Shaughnessy Phil108ENG 6w0 34b0 16w0 -1 45b½1,50010,5
48Siddle Michael115ENG 53b1 2w0 12b0 16b0 29w010114
49Bryant Marc132ENG 3w0 41b1 8w0 -0 -010114
50Bald Mick90ENG 32b0 35w0 -1 36b0 34w01009,5
51Salisbury Paul130ENG 24b½ 5w0 26b0 -0 -00,50012
52Robinson Alex125ECF 29w0 46b½ 25w0 40b0 -00,5009,5
53Enshaeian Arad125ENG 48w0 36b0 41w0 28w0 46b-0008,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)