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Sri Lanka National B Chess Championship 2020

Last update 23.08.2020 16:05:39, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1CMLiyanage Ranindu Dilshan2199SRI 26w1 34b1 2b0 65w1 8b1 51w1 3b1 6w½ 10b1 4w½ 5w080773
2Samaranayake K P R N1899SRI110b+ 28b1 1w1 41w0 66b1 3w½ 9b1 4b½ 14w1 6w½ 13b½80671
3Theekshana H G Denuwan1920SRI 84w1 66b1 52w1 14b½ 16w1 2b½ 1w0 18b1 11w½ 22b+ 6b½80670
4FMDe Silva L M S T2038SRI 17b1 29w1 37b½ 6w0 45b1 65w1 47b1 2w½ 31b1 1b½ 12w½80666,5
5FMDoluweera Minul Sanjula2172SRI 87b1 63w½ 25b1 51w½ 29b1 41w½ 10b0 34w½ 44b1 31w1 1b180663,5
6Bandara Dhanushka1837SRI 81w1 91b1 15w½ 4b1 21w1 9b1 14w½ 1b½ 7w½ 2b½ 3w½80572,5
7Dassanayake D M G S1893SRI 88b½ 96w1 63b1 35w½ 67b½ 25w1 41b½ 16w1 6b½ 9w½ 28w180564,5
8Weerasinghe C C1788SRI 91w0 70b1 33w1 26b1 1w0 32b1 57b1 43w1 9b0 16w1 14b½7,50763,5
9Kavinda Akila2086SRI 46w1 13b1 23w1 16b½ 41b1 6w0 2w0 52b1 8w1 7b½ 15w½7,50670,5
10Amarasinghe A A C B1925SRI 53w1 45b½ 95w1 11b0 64w1 42b1 5w1 14b½ 1w0 28b½ 21w17,50666
11Dabarera G W D M1882SRI 77b1 31w½ 60b1 10w1 43b½ 16w0 56b1 41w1 3b½ 14w0 27b17,50663,5
12FMGalappaththi Chinthaka Anuruddh2097SRI 30b1 65w0 85b1 18w0 36w1 64b½ 19b½ 49w1 32b1 25w1 4b½7,50660,5
13Sivathanujan S1770SRI 99b1 9w0 38b½100w½ 62b1 19w0 53b1 20w1 41b1 35w+ 2w½7,50659
14IMWeerawardane Romesh2057SRI 38b+ 68b1 48w1 3w½ 51b½ 43w1 6b½ 10w½ 2b0 11b1 8w½7,50567
15Randil Lakshitha1945SRI 98b1 40w1 6b½ 37w½ 18b½ 67w1 34b½ 31w0 19b1 26w1 9b½7,50565
16Dissanayake R K T2015SRI 24w1 49b1 47w1 9w½ 3b0 11b1 18w½ 7b0 42w1 8b0 32w170668,5
17Weerasekara Dishal Nimsara1482SRI 4w0 39b½ 54w0 71b1 72w0 90b½ 80w1 86b+ 57b+ 42b+ 29b170651
18Jayaweera Y1679SRI 92b1 41w0 98b1 12b1 15w½ 37w1 16b½ 3w0 21b½ 34w½ 33b170564,5
19Kalubowila K H N1572SRI 71w1 47b0 91w1 52b½ 75w½ 13b1 12w½ 42b½ 15w0 40b+ 34b+70560,5
20AIMTennakoon Lisara Samadhith1442SRI 35b½ 60w0101b1 89w½ 68w1 52b½ 64w½ 13b0 30w1 49b+ 31b170558
21CMSilva Kevin Ranidu1964SRI 62b1 89w1 51b0 40w1 6b0 66w1 31b0 60b1 18w½ 37w1 10b06,50661,5
22Deshappriya D Kalindu1566SRI 96b0 83w1100b½ 25w0 27b1 88w1 48b1 47w1 34b1 3w- -06,50658,5
23Kandearachchi Niranga1894SRI 69w1 61b1 9b0 66w0 30b1 31w0 38b½ 24w1 48b1 27w0 36b16,50657,5
24Udumullage Senuja Dilmith1479SRI 16b0 59w1 68w0 72b½ 54w1 95b1 42w0 23b0 80b1 48w+ 38w16,50653,5
25Kiriella K G T S D1769SRI 73w½ 54b1 5w0 22b1 81w1 7b0 33w½ 61b+ 43b1 12b0 26w½6,50564,5
26Saravanabaavan Brijeash1565SRI 1b0 55w1 96b1 8w0100b1 29w1 51b½ 57w1 28w½ 15b0 25b½6,50560,5
27Sandaruwan M G Ravindu1401SRI 75w½ 64b½ 28w0 46b½ 22w0 39b1 95w1 68b+ 51b1 23b1 11w06,50559
28Samaraweera Dimuth Indeepa1624SRI100b1 2w0 27b1 75b½ 44w½ 63w½ 37b1 51w1 26b½ 10w½ 7b06,50464,5
29Chandrasiri S A1742SRI 72w1 4b0 36w1 69b1 5w0 26b0 78w1 33b0 52w1 46b1 17w060659,5
30Nabil Nazar Mohamed1522SRI 12w0 72b1 34w0 73b1 23w0 58b1 44w0 77b+ 20b0 54w1 46w160657,5
31Chandula E D S1609SRI108w1 11b½ 75w½ 42b0 58w1 23b1 21w1 15b1 4w0 5b0 20w060566,5
32Liyanage Pesandu Rashmitha1589SRI102b1 37w0 92b1 47b½ 52w½ 8w0 59b1 63w+ 12w0 43w1 16b060559,5
33AFMSathmina S L Lalindu1491SRI 41b0 99w1 8b0 82w½ 94b1 89w1 25b½ 29w1 35b0 45w+ 18w060559,5
34De Silva Elath Mathanga1815SRI 97b1 1w0 30b1 56w1 37b½ 48w1 15w½ 5b½ 22w0 18b½ 19w-60467
35Priyankara Chamil1949SRI 20w½ 73b1 50w1 7b½ 42w½ 47b0 60w½ 40b1 33w1 13b- -060464
36Alwis B H A Rasidu1473SRI109w+ 51w0 29b0 97w1 12b0 99w1 75b½ 37w0 71b1 62w+ 23w05,50555
37FMPeiris T S S1884SRI 78w1 32b1 4w½ 15b½ 34w½ 18b0 28w0 36b1 38w1 21b0 -05,50464
38Ahangama Senuka Aswin1494SRI 14w-104b1 13w½ 50b0 91w1 81b½ 23w½ 72b+ 37b0 51w+ 24b05,50456,5
39Gamage G D P A1130SRI 40b0 17w½ 88b½ 62w0 85b½ 27w0 97b1 55w1 50b0 60b+ 76w+5,50451
40Obeysekara T A Sajith Chathuran1665SRI 39w1 15b0 84w1 21b0 69w1 44b1 43b0 35w0 58b1 19w- -050560
41FMKurukulasuriya Prasanna2042SRI 33w1 18b1 42w1 2b1 9w0 5b½ 7w½ 11b0 13w0 -0 -050471
42Ariyawansa K A P M1850SRI 82b1 56w1 41b0 31w1 35b½ 10w0 24b1 19w½ 16b0 17w- -050464
43Peiris T G M1968SRI 79w1 50b½ 45w1 44b1 11w½ 14b0 40w1 8b0 25w0 32b0 -050463
44CMWijekoon Chandana1922SRI 67b1 93w1 65b½ 43w0 28b½ 40w0 30b1 45w1 5w0 -0 -050461
45Fonseka C K D1663SRI112w+ 10w½ 43b0 86b1 4w0 53b½ 81w1 44b0 59w1 33b- -050459,5
46Judedorison G1497SRI 9b0 94w1 57b0 27w½ 83b0100w1 88b½ 82w+ 60w1 29w0 30b050454,5
47Danushka M A N1823SRI 55b1 19w1 16b0 32w½ 74b1 35w1 4w0 22b0 -0 -0 -04,50464,5
48Mallawarachchi T S1854SRI111w+ 74w1 14b0 61b½ 50w1 34b0 22w0 70b+ 23w0 24b- -04,50461,5
49Lakshitha H H Sasindu1671SRI107b1 16w0 67b0 77w1 98b1 57w0 82b1 12b0 53w½ 20w- -04,50456
50Wijesinghe N L C Dojitha1665SRI105b1 43w½ 35b0 38w1 48b0 -0 -0 91w+ 39w1 53b- -04,50453,5
51Liyanapathirana Pasan Vindula1880SRI 86w1 36b1 21w1 5b½ 14w½ 1b0 26w½ 28b0 27w0 38b- -04,50365
52De Silva Osheen1794SRI 94b1 57w1 3b0 19w½ 32b½ 20w½ 67b1 9w0 29b0 -0 -04,50361,5
53Kulathilake S M M P1440SRI 10b0107w1 89b½ 60w1 57b0 45w½ 13w0 81b+ 49b½ 50w- -04,50357
54Abiru K A Aken1171SRI 60b½ 25w0 17b1 74w0 24b0 87w½ 77b0102w+ 90w1 30b0 55w½4,50351,5
55Perera K C D1348SRI 47w0 26b0 80w0107b½ 76w½106b1 90w½ 39b0 96w½ 71b+ 54b½4,50242,5
56Kithmal P M Kalindhu1579SRI103w1 42b0 58w1 34b0 78w1 75b1 11w0 64b- -0 -0 -040458
57FMAlahakoon Isuru2135SRI 85w1 52b0 46w1 64b0 53w1 49b1 8w0 26b0 17w- -0 -040457,5
58Pathmasiri R D Isuru Saranga1313SRI 65b0 87w1 56b0 85w1 31b0 30w0 98b1 88w+ 40w0 59b- -040454,5
59Kodithuwakku K K Dinujaya1266SRI 68w0 24b0 71w0108b1103w1 79b1 32w0 84b+ 45b0 58w- -040450,5
60Aluvihare Shakila1673SRI 54w½ 20b1 11w0 53b0 86w1 84b1 35b½ 21w0 46b0 39w- -040357,5
61Madushanka B W M Malith1607SRI 90b1 23w0 82b1 48w½ 65b0 83w1 63b½ 25w- -0 -0 -040356
62Wijeweera H M Nuwan1443SRI 21w0 80b1 64w0 39b1 13w0 72b½ 70w0 90b½ 76w1 36b- -040353
63De Silva Gihan1823SRI 70w1 5b½ 7w0 95b½ 79w1 28b½ 61w½ 32b- -0 -0 -040262
64Piyumantha M Thisal Manjith1731SRI101b½ 27w½ 62b1 57w1 10b0 12w½ 20b½ 56w- -0 -0 -040261
65Sandaruwan A M T P1814SRI 58w1 12b1 44w½ 1b0 61w1 4b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -03,50363
66Vidyarathna Anjitha1645SRI 76b1 3w0 77b1 23b1 2w0 21b0 73w½ 67w- -0 -0 -03,50359,5
67AIMArunakirinathan Aruthran1432SRI 44w0106b1 49w1 68b1 7w½ 15b0 52w0 66b- -0 -0 -03,50359
68CMDahanayake Isara Banidu1768SRI 59b1 14w0 24b1 67w0 20b0 77w1 69b½ 27w- -0 -0 -03,50356,5
69Dharmasena W M S S B1422SRI 23b0 76w1 93b1 29w0 40b0101w1 68w½ 87b- -0 -0 -03,50354
70Herath H M J R1329SRI 63b0 8w0 76b½ 83w0 96b1 94w1 62b1 48w- -0 -0 -03,50352,5
71Rishiikaran S0SRI 19b0 82w0 59b1 17w0101b0 76w½107b1 94w+ 36w0 55w- -03,50347
72Illankoon I M W P1240SRI 29b0 30w0102b1 24w½ 17b1 62w½ 74b½ 38w- -0 -0 -03,50254,5
73CMWickramarathne T D1294SRI 25b½ 35w0 90b½ 30w0102b1 98w1 66b½ 74w- -0 -0 -03,50253
74Lansakara B M1591SRI106w1 48b0 81w½ 54b1 47w0 82b½ 72w½ 73b- -0 -0 -03,50251
75Kulasekara D M T Kashyapa1875SRI 27b½ 88w1 31b½ 28w½ 19b½ 56w0 36w½ -0 -0 -0 -03,50156,5
76Lankatilleke Sathindu Vidujaya1121SRI 66w0 69b0 70w½ 94w0 55b½ 71b½ 92w0 97w1 62b0 -1 39b-3,50146
77Wijetunga Isitha Uvishka1414SRI 11w0103b1 66w0 49b0 80w1 68b0 54w1 30w- -0 -0 -030351
78Dipsara K M Dumal Kavish1415SRI 37b0100w0105b1 96w1 56b0 93w1 29b0 85w- -0 -0 -030349
79Wiratunga Jenith1452SRI 43b0 92w0107b1 90w1 63b0 59w0100b1 83w- -0 -0 -030347,5
80Liyanage L K L1116SRI 93b0 62w0 55b1 98w0 77b0 96w1 17b0104w+ 24w0 90b- -030346
81Arthigan J1354SRI 6b0102w1 74b½ 93w1 25b0 38w½ 45b0 53w- -0 -0 -030253,5
82Gowsalyan S1373SRI 42w0 71b1 61w0 33b½ 87b1 74w½ 49w0 46b- -0 -0 -030252,5
83Rathnayake R M M P B0SRI 95w½ 22b0 86w0 70b1 46w1 61b0 93w½ 79b- -0 -0 -030252,5
84Athukorala A T N1426SRI 3b0105w1 40b0 92w1 89b½ 60w0 85b½ 59w- -0 -0 -030252
85Akasha J P Vihanga1539SRI 57b0 97w1 12w0 58b0 39w½ 91b1 84w½ 78b- -0 -0 -030250
86Aldeniya A H N D1401SRI 51b0 90w½ 83b1 45w0 60b0 97w1 89b½ 17w- -0 -0 -030249
87Withanarachchi W A P I1548SRI 5w0 58b0104w1 91b½ 82w0 54b½ 99w1 69w- -0 -0 -030248,5
88Ramanayaka Y R P M1419SRI 7w½ 75b0 39w½103b1 95w½ 22b0 46w½ 58b- -0 -0 -030153,5
89Galagamaarachchi A S1690SRI104w1 21b0 53w½ 20b½ 84w½ 33b0 86w½ -0 -0 -0 -030152,5
90Welege Dinuka Sandaruwan1018SRI 61w0 86b½ 73w½ 79b0 97b½ 17w½ 55b½ 62w½ 54b0 80w- -030048,5
91Dandeniya D D L N1302SRI 8b1 6w0 19b0 87w½ 38b0 85w0101b+ 50b- -0 -0 -02,50253,5
92Rathnayaka R M I S A1176SRI 18w0 79b1 32w0 84b0 93b0102w½ 76b1 95w- -0 -0 -02,50248
93Fernando J M Marlon P1643SRI 80w1 44b0 69w0 81b0 92w1 78b0 83b½ -0 -0 -0 -02,50248
94Hettiarachchi D W K1303SRI 52w0 46b0106w½ 76b1 33w0 70b0108w1 71b- -0 -0 -02,50245
95Senevirathne S D B K1574SRI 83b½101w1 10b0 63w½ 88b½ 24w0 27b0 92b- -0 -0 -02,50153,5
96Sampath H K G0SRI 22w1 7b0 26w0 78b0 70w0 80b0105w0 -1 55b½ 97b- -02,50151
97Wijesooriya Rasindu1329SRI 34w0 85b0108w1 36b0 90w½ 86b0 39w0 76b0 -1 96w- -02,50143,5
98Fernando T Upul Sampath1442SRI 15w0108b1 18w0 80b1 49w0 73b0 58w0103b- -0 -0 -020248,5
99Dissanayake D M S L1300SRI 13w0 33b0103w0105b1106w1 36b0 87b0100w- -0 -0 -020245
100Peiris P Gimshan Sathsara1056SRI 28w0 78b1 22w½ 13b½ 26w0 46b0 79w0 99b- -0 -0 -020154
101Sulaxan K1236SRI 64w½ 95b0 20w0106b½ 71w1 69b0 91w- -0 -0 -0 -020147
102Denuwan G S0SRI 32w0 81b0 72w0104b1 73w0 92b½106w½ 54b- -0 -0 -020145,5
103Dithusan M0SRI 56b0 77w0 99b1 88w0 59b0107w½104b½ 98w- -0 -0 -020144
104Galukagama G L Dishen Sandaru1224SRI 89b0 38w0 87b0102w0107w½105b1103w½ 80b- -0 -0 -020142
105Silva W H K P1130SRI 50w0 84b0 78w0 99w0108b½104w0 96b1106b- -0 -0 -01,50140,5
106Perera B A Vathmira Geesan1017SRI 74b0 67w0 94b½101w½ 99b0 55w0102b½105w- -0 -0 -01,50042,5
107Weerathunga W A S H1131SRI 49w0 53b0 79w0 55w½104b½103b½ 71w0108b- -0 -0 -01,50042
108Udapamunuwa M D D Bandara1031SRI 31b0 98w0 97b0 59w0105w½ -1 94b0107w- -0 -0 -01,50039
109Ilampoornan Raguparan1989SRI 36b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000037,5
Indusara M G Janitha1425SRI 2w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000037,5
Marapana Sanupa Bimsath1390SRI 48b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000037,5
Wickramarathne D Jehan Randil1129SRI 45b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000037,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)