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Campionat Juvenil d'Andorra 2020

Last update 26.02.2020 18:34:39, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

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Starting rank

1Ribera Veganzones Josep Maria6900763AND1876
2Martinez Gamiz Marc6900976AND1704
3Ribera Veganzones Serni6900860AND1684
4Alcon Llosada Alex6900780AND1627
5Alcon Llosada Jaume6900798AND1474
6Sanchez Sala Marc6901115AND1338
7Ercoli Andria45166412FRA1278
8De La Riva Real Ariadna6901018AND1242
9De La Riva Real Jana6901131AND1075
10Chaderat Xarpell Jaime6901093AND1053
11Sanchez Sala Roger6901220AND1042
12Montane Berezka Leonard6901514AND0
13Opoku Siaw Roca Biel6901506AND0