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21st World Senior Chess Championship

Last update 19.12.2011 01:46:06, Creator: montenegro chess federation,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Player overview for arg

36IMLeskovar Mario2316ARG1½½1½1011107,51524061014,20Open

Results of the last round for arg

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMTimoscenko Gennadij2483 1 - 0 IMLeskovar Mario2316

Player details for arg

IM Leskovar Mario 2316 ARG Rp:2406 Pts. 7,5
1138Benson Lachlan2007AUS5,5w 1101,40
294Kierzek Matthias Dr2152GER6,5s ½10-2,20
381Nickl Klaus2172AUT6,0w ½10-1,90
489FMZoltek Tadeusz2161POL6,0s 1102,90
521IMDanner Georg2406AUT7,0w ½101,20
6114Acosta Mariano2088USA4,5s 1102,10
713Kuyindzhi Alexander A2435RUS6,5w 010-3,40
874FMHohler Peter2193SUI6,5s 1103,30
917IMRukavina Josip2421CRO6,5w 1106,40
106GMHulak Krunoslav2480CRO7,5w 1107,20
114GMTimoscenko Gennadij2483SVK8,5s 010-2,80
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