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Final Phase Olympiad Qualifiers 2020 - Ladies Section

Last update 01.03.2020 11:39:13, Creator/Last Upload: Kenya Chess-Federation


Round 1 on 2020/02/21 at 0900 hrs
111537Mwikali Daphne½ - ½WCMWanjiru Lucy161410PGN
221534WFMMongeli Sasha½ - ½WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai16589PGN
331440Mwendwa Triza1 - 0Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira12138PGN
441425Madelta Glenda0 - 1Obondo Cynthia Awino12697PGN
551363Ngima Cheryl½ - ½Mutisya Julie12716PGN
6111359Gosrani Naiya0bye0-1
Round 2 on 2020/02/21 at 1400 hrs
181213Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira1 - 0Mutisya Julie12716
291658WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai1 - 0Ngima Cheryl13635
3101614WCMWanjiru Lucy1 - 0Madelta Glenda14254PGN
4111359Gosrani Naiya1 - 0Mwendwa Triza14403PGN
511537Mwikali Daphne0 - 1WFMMongeli Sasha15342
671269Obondo Cynthia Awino0bye0-1
Round 3 on 2020/02/22 at 0900 hrs
121534WFMMongeli Sasha1 - 0Gosrani Naiya135911PGN
231440Mwendwa Triza0 - 1WCMWanjiru Lucy161410PGN
341425Madelta Glenda0 - 1WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai16589
451363Ngima Cheryl½ - ½Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira12138
561271Mutisya Julie1 - 0Obondo Cynthia Awino12697
611537Mwikali Daphne0bye0-1
Round 4 on 2020/02/22 at 1400 hrs
191658WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai1 - 0Obondo Cynthia Awino12697
2101614WCMWanjiru Lucy½ - ½Mutisya Julie12716PGN
3111359Gosrani Naiya0 - 1Ngima Cheryl13635PGN
411537Mwikali Daphne0 - 1Madelta Glenda14254PGN
521534WFMMongeli Sasha1 - 0Mwendwa Triza14403
681213Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira0bye0-1
Round 5 on 2020/02/23 at 0900 hrs
141425Madelta Glenda0 - 1WFMMongeli Sasha15342PGN
251363Ngima Cheryl½ - ½Mwikali Daphne15371PGN
361271Mutisya Julie½ - ½Gosrani Naiya135911PGN
471269Obondo Cynthia Awino0 - 1WCMWanjiru Lucy161410
581213Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira0 - 1WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai16589
631440Mwendwa Triza0bye0-1
Round 6 on 2020/02/23 at 1400 hrs
1101614WCMWanjiru Lucy1 - 0Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira12138
2111359Gosrani Naiya0 - 1Obondo Cynthia Awino12697
311537Mwikali Daphne1 - 0Mutisya Julie12716PGN
421534WFMMongeli Sasha½ - ½Ngima Cheryl13635PGN
531440Mwendwa Triza½ - ½Madelta Glenda14254
691658WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai0bye0-1
Round 7 on 2020/02/28 at 0900 hrs
161271Mutisya Julie0 - 1Madelta Glenda14254PGN
271269Obondo Cynthia Awino1 - 0Mwendwa Triza14403
381213Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira0 - 1WFMMongeli Sasha15342
491658WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai1 - 0Mwikali Daphne15371
5101614WCMWanjiru Lucy1 - 0Gosrani Naiya135911
651363Ngima Cheryl0bye0-1
Round 8 on 2020/02/28 at 1400 hrs
1111359Gosrani Naiya0 - 1WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai16589
211537Mwikali Daphne½ - ½Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira12138
321534WFMMongeli Sasha½ - ½Obondo Cynthia Awino12697
431440Mwendwa Triza0 - 1Mutisya Julie12716PGN
541425Madelta Glenda1 - 0Ngima Cheryl13635PGN
6101614WCMWanjiru Lucy0bye0-1
Round 9 on 2020/02/29 at 1000 hrs
151363Ngima Cheryl0 - 1Mwendwa Triza14403PGN
261271Mutisya Julie1 - 0WFMMongeli Sasha15342PGN
371269Obondo Cynthia Awino0 - 1Mwikali Daphne15371
481213Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira0 - 1Gosrani Naiya135911
591658WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai½ - ½WCMWanjiru Lucy161410
641425Madelta Glenda0bye0-1
Round 10 on 2020/02/29 at 1500 hrs
131440Mwendwa Triza0 - 1Mwikali Daphne15371PGN
241425Madelta Glenda½ - ½Gosrani Naiya135911PGN
351363Ngima Cheryl+ - -WCMWanjiru Lucy161410PGN
461271Mutisya Julie1 - 0WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai16589
571269Obondo Cynthia Awino0 - 1Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira12138
621534WFMMongeli Sasha0bye0-1
Round 11 on 2020/03/01 at 1000 hrs
171269Obondo Cynthia Awino0 - 1Ngima Cheryl13635
281213Ogaga Nicole Albright Shamira0 - 1Madelta Glenda14254
391658WCMNdirangu Joyce Nyaruai1 - 0Mwendwa Triza14403
4101614WCMWanjiru Lucy1 - 0WFMMongeli Sasha15342PGN
5111359Gosrani Naiya½ - ½Mwikali Daphne15371PGN
661271Mutisya Julie0bye0-1