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SeniorSchack Stockholm Seniorserien Våren 2020 Klass 1

Senast uppdaterad11.03.2020 14:16:00, Creator/Last Upload: Seniorschack Stockholm

Lista över spelare

3Rånby Hans1710311SWE1847
2Lidén Anders1750887SWE1781
6Persson Kjell1717634SWE1736
5Silins Peter1711024SWE1695
7Pettersson Lars-Ake1758225SWE1688
8Levin Lennart1713000SWE1654
9Lehvonen Jouko1750860SWE1653
4Eriksson Bo 19371708430SWE1634
1Axelius Gunnar1744666SWE1584
10Zivic Miroljub1719955SWE1582
11Högselius Lars1715240SWE1580