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Umemästerskapet 2020

Senast uppdaterad16.03.2020 21:28:48, Creator/Last Upload: Vasterbotten Chess Federation

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1Nygren David1704761SWE2298SK Rockaden Umeå
2Hammarström Ulf1710214SWE2215SK Rockaden Umeå
3Hellström Magnus1705474SWE2095SK Rockaden Umeå
4Olofsson Henrik1714724SWE1953SK Rockaden Umeå
5Backsten Jan1735381SWE1912ASSU
6Persson Krister1718746SWE1816SK Rockaden Umeå
7Burman Jonas1715925SWE1797SK Rockaden Umeå
8Enström Magnus1710389SWE1793SK Rockaden Umeå
9Forsberg Mikael1706004SWE1777SK Rockaden Umeå
10Hasselgren Lars-Erik1724436SWE1654SK Rockaden Umeå
11Grzelewski Tymon1734547SWE1355SK Rockaden Umeå
12Carltanen TeemuSWE0SK Rockaden Umeå
13Grahn Anna-KarinSWE0SK Rockaden Umeå
14Gunnarsson Bo1735390SWE0SK Rockaden Umeå