MRCC Pawn Race

Last update 16.01.2020 16:12:05, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

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Ranking crosstable after Round 2, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2/7 , not paired
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Starting rank

1Chen Max155238CAN2256
2Zhao Jeffrey R.157007CAN2118
3Huang Youhe159428CAN2050
4Lauron Ranel160869CAN2021
5Abbas Sahir153534CAN1904
6Orozco Joey148825CAN1903
7Ajith Aayush167780CAN1862
8Mendoza Armand Jess156958CAN1845
9Desikan Ajith167779CAN1784
10Lazarev Shon167627CAN1724
11Liu Harry154350CAN1692
12Yang Larry164823CAN1692
13VER ERICK108055CAN1676
14Ajith Aarush167781CAN1432
15Wang Zhixing (Daniel)159609CAN1406
16Zheng Alan165763CAN1396
17Lin Joey166638CAN1395
18Yao Michael166215CAN1346
19Lin James154353CAN1329
20Dixit Mohan169181CAN1297
21Fan Haoran160648CAN1271
22Barbarich Zdravko153394CAN1237
23Mane Arnav160927CAN1204
24Zhuang Jeffrey166908CAN1162
25Zhou Felix167758CAN1135
26Li Paco164368CAN1126
27Lu Tony166742CAN1109
28Wu Nora168007CAN1101
29Wang Xiuqi (Arthur)162689CAN1049
30Zhu Jeremy164617CAN1035
31ZHOU PING169239CAN1024
32Wang Ryan167989CAN1004
33Guan Isabelle166081CAN997
34Zhao Yicheng163585CAN988
35Zeng Gordon166321CAN968
36Guan Marie164627CAN959
37Guan Eric167770CAN889
38Fan Eric164012CAN879
39He Jasper167976CAN870
40Qiu Yuheng (Max)165830CAN867
41Xing Wenqi168046CAN822
42ZHENG Samuel167769CAN818
43Shen Yining171921CAN815
44Yu Guanming166891CAN809
45Gao Yu Tai169642CAN798
46Fang Yue170905CAN782
47Yao Eric164621CAN779
48Lee Owen164659CAN745
49Xie Alex169399CAN716
50Yang Maxwell169403CAN712
51Lang Yunhui166795CAN489
52Fan Adam165314CAN0
53La Elite166477CAN0
54Huang Thomas166854CAN0