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Hastings New Year Afternoon A

Last update 03.01.2020 19:06:40, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Howell Chris I403687ENG182Coulsdon Cf
2Cutmore David A410446ENG181Albany
3Hjort Helge1436678DEN181Hendon
4CMJames Geoffrey H402346ENG177Brighton & Hove
5Anstead Jerry418277ENG172Tunbridge Wells
6Rubeck Jonathan435678ENG171Hendon
7Kelly Paul J1801392WLS163Hastings & St Leonards
8Sikkel Dirk1050079NED163Netherlands
9Finn Thomas437115ENG160Sussex Juniors
10Lake Chris968617SRB157Brighton & Hove
11Blewitt Stephen D442887ENG156Hastings & St Leonards
12O'Gorman Brendan419214ENG154Dhss
13Gartside Carl429945ENG153Macclesfield
14Mata Andrew B418803ENG150
15Finn Daniel M437107ENG149Sussex Juniors
16Hann Chris NENG147Hastings & St Leonards
17Lv Jason468096ENG146Leicestershire Juniors
18Waldock Adrian DP417300ENG146East Grinstead
19Chantrell Paul451967ENG143Kings Head
20Subin Samvrit343113726ENG89Richmond Juniors
21Wheeler James MENG156Hastings & St Leonards