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7. Prvenstvo sahovskog kluba Vidikovac 2000. do 2002.

Last update 22.05.2011 19:07:20, Creator/Last Upload: Belgrade Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1IIGraovac Vidak BalsaSRB393
2ISavic MihailoSRB378
3IIIStepic StefanSRB262
4IIIPotpara MarkoSRB215
5IIIMarkovic FilipSRB206
6IIMicevic MilanSRB191
7IIIStanisavljevic DjordjeSRB171
8Markovic JovanSRB106
9Gorenjak DavidSRB100
10Gorenjak StefanSRB100
11Lukovac DusanSRB100
12Nikolic FilipSRB100
13Zdravkovic StefanSRB100