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Hastings New Year Morning C

Last update 03.01.2020 14:14:00, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Collins Alan470120ENG116Cowley
2Stock WilliamENG111Hastings & St Leonards
3Pontonutti AnnaENG110Hastings & St Leonards
4Howes David J406147ENG108Coulsdon Cf
5Buswell PaulENG100Hastings & St Leonards
6Stockham OliverENG95Sussex Juniors
7Fraser Alan R416550ENG94Beckenham & Bromley
8Oakman SteveENG87Hastings & St Leonards
9Everitt David427047ENG86Haywards Heath
10Smart Robert421987ENG85Eastbourne
11Tournier Patrice453072ENG78Hastings & St Leonards
12Whelan Sean472492ENG68Surrey *
13Whelan Joseph465887ENG63Weybridge
14Baron Margaret EWLS29Wales
15Steuart LonaENG0Hastings & St Leonards
16Woodhams DanaENG0