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Hastings New Year Morning B

Last update 03.01.2020 14:17:37, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Chantrell Paul451967ENG143Kings Head
2Page Martin C418382ENG143Insurance
3Foley Phil T415871ENG139Upminster
4Parry Jacques H425923ENG139London Ec/Wc *
5Roberts Anthony J427977ENG138Wallasey
6Tassell Hugh G453609ENG138Tunbridge Wells
7Bernard Chris PJ447447ENG133Crystal Palace
8Woodhams MasonENG132Hastings & St Leonards
9Bullock Lee425397ENG131Hackney
10Denham-Kennedy Colin1802488WLS127Wales
11Land PeterENG125Hanham Folk Centre
12Shaw Henry L481424ENG123Sussex Juniors
13AFMKumar Soham473189ENG121Maidenhead Junior
14Riley Adrian K421804ENG119Cowley
15Dunne David C439380ENG117Nomads (Notts)
16Sellick Simon C443328ENG109Bracknell