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Hastings New Year Morning A

Last update 03.01.2020 14:34:35, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Hjort Helge1436678DEN181Hendon
2Stock Tobias W407500ENG177Hastings & St Leonards
3Rubeck Jonathan435678ENG171Hendon
4Cove Henry430420ENG164Hastings & St Leonards
5Kelly Paul J1801392WLS163Hastings & St Leonards
6Cutmore Martin J409022ENG161Folkestone
7Heath David R442038ENG160Maidstone
8Lake Chris968617SRB157Brighton & Hove
9O'Gorman Brendan419214ENG154Dhss
10Gartside Carl429945ENG153Macclesfield
11Dennis Nigel W408913ENG151Maidenhead
12Mata Andrew B418803ENG150
13Goodfellow Russell R420344ENG146Tunbridge Wells
14Judd Ian PENG146Chichester
15Lichte MartinGER146Germany
16Lv Jason468096ENG146Leicestershire Juniors
17Waldock Adrian DP417300ENG146East Grinstead
18Reddie Michael JENG144Eastbourne
19Subin Samvrit343113726ENG89Richmond Juniors