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Hastings Xmas B

Last update 29.12.2019 18:37:35, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Gartside Carl429945ENG153Macclesfield
2Ismail Mohammed Aayan465135ENG153Newham
3Wilton Maximilian466417ENG153Sussex Juniors
4Hirst Joe458791ENG148Newcastle-Under-Lyme
5Goodfellow Russell R420344ENG146Tunbridge Wells
6Lv Jason468096ENG146Leicestershire Juniors
7Waldock Adrian Dp417300ENG146East Grinstead
8Foley Phil T415871ENG139Upminster
9Cload Adrian443190ENG134Hastings & St Leonards
10Woodhams MasonENG132Hastings & St Leonards
11Bullock Lee425397ENG131Hackney
12Denham-Kennedy Colin1802488WLS127Wales
13Johnson Mark453013ENG127Colchester
14Zhorayev Almas13726560KAZ127
15Hudson Jeremy434345ENG124Hastings & St Leonards
16Tracey WilliamENG122Eastbourne
17Sellick Simon C443328ENG109Bracknell
18Cillo Angelo829960ITA108
19Baron Margaret EENG29Wales
20Fletcher Martin G479268ENG92Hastings & St Leonards