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Hastings Xmas A

Last update 29.12.2019 19:14:06, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Starting rank

1Hjort Helge1436678DEN181Hendon
2AIMLarsen Andreas1504843NOR177Norway
3AIMBoardman Jeffrey4301382NZL175Haywards Heath
4Cove Henry430420ENG164Hastings & St Leonards
5Taylor Mike466719ENG164Stockport
6Kelly Paul J1801392WLS163Hastings & St Leonards
7Smyth Kevin484458ENG161Folkestone
8Deswarte Ian407860ENG160Guildford
9Heath David R442038ENG160Maidstone
10Jackson Paul G468614ENG160Coulsdon Cf
11Aubury Ben467863ENG158Oxfordshire Juniors
12Lake Chris968617SRB157Brighton & Hove
13O'Gorman Brendan419214ENG154Dhss
14Carey-Kent PaulENG150Ashurst
15Mize Dylan30932599USA143United States
16Wheeler James MENG156Hastings & St Leonards
17Wilton Maximilian466417ENG153Sussex Juniors