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Skinkblixten 2019

Last update 20.12.2019 06:19:24, Creator/Last Upload: Rickard Dahlström

Starting rank list of players

5Johansson Per 19671724126SWE1972Skara SS
1Olsson Bo 19661718550SWE1947Lidköpings SS
9Nyberg Arne1731815SWE1940
4Dahlstrom Rickard1702050SWE1937Skara SS
2Koski Viljo1717553SWE1895Lidköpings SS
3Beslagic Smail1734792SWE1852Lidköpings SS
6Wiman Kenneth1707442SWE1832Skövde SS
7Gustavsson Johan1747592SWE1618Skövde SS
12Johansson Rolf 19381740008SWE1475
10Andren EdvardSWE0Lidköpings SS
11Eklund TordSWE0Lidköpings SS
8Karlsson Ingemar1735837SWE0Lidköpings SS