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Northumberland Rapidplay Championship 2019

Last update 09.12.2019 07:05:20, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
14CMHan YichenNED198Forest Hall50,5423,5
21FMWalker David JENG215Leam Lane50,5420,5
314Riding Mick DENG161Gosforth4,50422
46Delidimoudis KonstantinosENG187South Shields4,50422
53Moreby James EENG200Gosforth4,50420
69Henderson DavidENG178Tynemouth4,50323
713Gara KirillENG161Leam Lane40325
817Laws Darren CENG152Tynemouth40322
92Coathup Roger HENG204Morpeth40322
105Mooney David PENG191South Shields40320,5
117Symonds Richard HENG18340318,5
1219Towers BrianISR150South Shields40318,5
1337Zaman HanifENG111Newcastle University40318
1422Rowden KevinENG147South Shields40316
1511Wheeler John DENG169Gosforth3,50321,5
1628Carmichael NedENG130Durham Uni3,50318
1716Welsh AlanENG156Morpeth3,50317,5
1835Macdonald CiaranENG113Forest Hall3,50317,5
1934Richards Paul LENG119Morpeth3,50314,5
2024Marsh John SENG142Leam Lane3,50313
2110Bielby Paul RENG171South Shields30320
2230Campbell DavidENG12530318
2315Smith Mike EENG158Forest Hall30221
2429Jefferies Steve HENG129Durham City30220
2533Edgar BarryENG120Hetton Lyons30218
2650Kearney JonnyENG030217,5
2718Mohindra RajENG150Forest Hall30217
2826Czestochowski EddieENG137South Shields30216,5
298Waters Clive LENG181Tynemouth2,50222,5
3041Johnson StanleyENG97South Shields2,50220,5
3120Seeber MartinENG148Forest Hall2,50220
3240Humphreys Dave WENG99Tynedale2,50219
3323Crichton J PeterENG144Tynedale2,50218,5
3427Hazlerigg CharlieENG136Durham City2,50216
3532French MorganENG122Forest Hall2,50215,5
3612Turner JamesENG167Morpeth2,50117,5
3721Liddle JohnENG147Gosforth20216,5
3846Johnson Alex FENG76Forest Hall20215,5
3936Xu WeimingENG112Forest Hall20215
4043Parlour DavidENG88South Shields20214
4144Li RayENG87Rgs Newcastle20211
4245Hodgkinson AllanENG802029,5
4339Duff Ryan JgENG102Forest Hall1,50117,5
4438Grueso JoseENG107Morpeth1,50116
4542Watson David MENG90Morpeth10117
4649Mohindra ArunENG35Northumberland Juniors10011
4725Costello Paul TUKR140Gosforth0,50017,5
4848Grillot YannENG50Northumberland *00014,5
4931Bayram AsaENG123Gateshead00013,5
47Cheung AaronENG72Forest Hall00013,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)