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2019 Lidums Australian Young Masters

Last update 13.12.2019 04:00:48, Creator/Last Upload: Papua New Guinea Chess Federation


Round 1 on 2019/12/07 at 0930
112545GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen1 - 0FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein227410
222075FMKethro Michael0 - 1Maguire Tom21399
332283Winkelman Albert1 - 0Lee Aaron James20038
442529GMCheng Bobby1 - 0FMLim Zhuo Ren22457
552361IMMikalsen Erlend0 - 1Leaver Kyle20596
Round 2 on 2019/12/07 at 1430
1102274FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein½ - ½Leaver Kyle20596
272245FMLim Zhuo Ren1 - 0IMMikalsen Erlend23615
382003Lee Aaron James0 - 1GMCheng Bobby25294
492139Maguire Tom0 - 1Winkelman Albert22833
512545GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen1 - 0FMKethro Michael20752
Round 3 on 2019/12/08 at 0930
122075FMKethro Michael1 - 0FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein227410
232283Winkelman Albert½ - ½GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen25451
342529GMCheng Bobby1 - 0Maguire Tom21399
452361IMMikalsen Erlend1 - 0Lee Aaron James20038
562059Leaver Kyle½ - ½FMLim Zhuo Ren22457
Round 4 on 2019/12/08 at 1430
1102274FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein0 - 1FMLim Zhuo Ren22457
282003Lee Aaron James½ - ½Leaver Kyle20596
392139Maguire Tom0 - 1IMMikalsen Erlend23615
412545GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen0 - 1GMCheng Bobby25294
522075FMKethro Michael½ - ½Winkelman Albert22833
Round 5 on 2019/12/09 at 1430
132283Winkelman Albert0 - 1FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein227410
242529GMCheng Bobby1 - 0FMKethro Michael20752
352361IMMikalsen Erlend½ - ½GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen25451
462059Leaver Kyle0 - 1Maguire Tom21399
572245FMLim Zhuo Ren1 - 0Lee Aaron James20038
Round 6 on 2019/12/10 at 1430
1102274FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein0 - 1Lee Aaron James20038
292139Maguire Tom0 - 1FMLim Zhuo Ren22457
312545GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen½ - ½Leaver Kyle20596
422075FMKethro Michael0 - 1IMMikalsen Erlend23615
532283Winkelman Albert0 - 1GMCheng Bobby25294
Round 7 on 2019/12/11 at 1430
142529GMCheng Bobby1 - 0FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein227410
252361IMMikalsen Erlend1 - 0Winkelman Albert22833
362059Leaver Kyle0 - 1FMKethro Michael20752
472245FMLim Zhuo Ren1 - 0GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen25451
582003Lee Aaron James0 - 1Maguire Tom21399
Round 8 on 2019/12/12 at 1430
1102274FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein0 - 1Maguire Tom21399
212545GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen1 - 0Lee Aaron James20038
322075FMKethro Michael0 - 1FMLim Zhuo Ren22457
432283Winkelman Albert0 - 1Leaver Kyle20596
542529GMCheng Bobby1 - 0IMMikalsen Erlend23615
Round 9 on 2019/12/13 at 0930
152361IMMikalsen Erlend1 - 0FMMaung Maung Kyaw Zaw Hein227410
262059Leaver Kyle0 - 1GMCheng Bobby25294
372245FMLim Zhuo Ren½ - ½Winkelman Albert22833
482003Lee Aaron James0 - 1FMKethro Michael20752
592139Maguire Tom0 - 1GMUrkedal Frode Olav Olsen25451