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European Woman Chess Championship-2011

Last update 20.06.2011 13:33:04, Creator: Georgian chess federation,Last Upload: Heinz Herzog

Player overview for sco

15GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2462SCO110½1½1110½7,591011,40

Results of the last round for sco

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMLahno Kateryna25307 ½ - ½7 GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2462

Player details for sco

GM Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan 2462 SCO Rp:2535 Pts. 7,5
180Vakhania Alexandra2189GEO5w 10,830,17101,70
254WIMCharochkina Daria2320RUS5,5s 10,690,31103,10
31IMKosintseva Nadezhda2567RUS7s 00,36-0,3610-3,60
455WIMMammadova Gulnar Marfat Qizi2312AZE5w ½0,70-0,2010-2,00
559WGMGuramishvili Sopiko2299GEO5,5s 10,720,28102,80
629IMOvod Evgenija2404RUS7w ½0,58-0,0810-0,80
730WGMZawadzka Jolanta2400POL7s 10,590,41104,10
839IMGalojan Lilit2377ARM6w 10,620,38103,80
96GMKosteniuk Alexandra2522RUS5,5s 10,420,58105,80
109GMCmilyte Viktorija2504LTU9w 00,44-0,4410-4,40
115GMLahno Kateryna2530UKR7,5s ½0,410,09100,90