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Mouflon Chess Tour - Paphos Youth Chess Tour 3 2019 U12

Last update 11.11.2019 11:15:04, Creator/Last Upload: Cyprus Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Tosounidis Andreas5906890CYP1278White King Paphos
2Polyakov Stepan5905710CYP1135
3El rahi PavlosCYP1250White King Paphos
4Vorkas AndreasCYP1225White King Paphos
5Kaouslidis Sergios5905516CYP1175
6Sarimpekiridis GrigoriosCYP1138White King Paphos
7Nikitas PavlosCYP0Paphos chess club
8Nikolaou KonstantinosCYP0
9Sachpazidis Dimitris5906881CYP0White King Paphos
10Saridis Pantelis5905486CYP0White King Paphos
11Shiryshev VladislavCYP0
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