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83ª etapa CSX - São Carlos - Sub16

Last update 11.11.2019 15:42:15, Creator/Last Upload: Federacao Paulista de Xadrez (1)

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Starting rank

1Silva Joao Vinicius Aude35396118900S14Tiete
2Rodrigues Matheus35389118790S14Tiete
3Fornazin Guilherme De Godoy35351218471903S14Leme/Clube De Campo Empyreo
4De Abreu Alini Oliveira35321118421842wS14São Carlos/SP
5Fernandes Kaylaine35321218371953wS16Sao Carlos
6De Oliveira Gustavo Luiz Portela35410717880S14Campinas
7Ribeiro Isabela Possolino35321017401910wS16Mogi Guacu
8Alves Kauan Ferreira35387216530S14Tiete
9Silva Beatriz Rodrigues000wS16Ibate
10Silva Das Neves Carlos Henrique000S14Campinas/Senda
11Pinho Felipe000S14Ibate
12Ferri Gabriel Montalvao000S14Sao Carlos
13Simoes Gustavo000S16Sao Carlos
14Zago Henrique000S16Araras
15Oliveira Jhonatan000S16Sao Carlos
16De Oliveira Kaua Guilherme000S14Ibate
17Brito Laissa Vitoria000wS14Ibate
18Ribeiro Leticia000wS16Ibate
19Gomes Maria000wS16Ibate
20Dos Santos Mauricio000S16Ibate
21Ferri Rafael Montalvao000S14Sao Carlos
22Dos Santos Steves Batista000S16Araras
23Fernandes Silva Vitor000S16Araras