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Derik's Chess School Level 2 Chess Tournament-Nov 2019 Open

Last update 10.11.2019 08:34:03, Creator/Last Upload: derikschessschool

Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Cleven D'Souza0IND 27b1 39w1 22b1 12w1 2b1 7w16,00,0621,0
2Achintya Bhat0IND 9w1 30b1 19w1 3b1 1w0 8b15,00,0525,5
3Hardik G0IND 32b1 11w1 24b1 2w0 7b1 10w15,00,0523,0
4Ganandeep Shetty0IND 51w1 5b1 8w0 25b1 14w1 9b15,00,0521,0
5Samarth Mallya0IND 21b1 4w0 23b1 28w1 22b1 20w15,00,0521,0
6Prithvi Rao0IND 10b0 34b1 18w½ 36w1 41b1 19w14,50,0419,0
7Delroy Miranda0IND 14w1 16b1 13w1 20b1 3w0 1b04,00,0426,5
8Vishruth R G0IND 31b1 33w1 4b1 10w0 21b1 2w04,00,0423,5
9Manikanta0IND 2b0 56w1 17b1 13w1 12b1 4w04,00,0422,0
10Allen D'Souza0IND 6w1 19b0 46w1 8b1 24w1 3b04,00,0422,0
11Sathvik Ramesh0IND 38w1 3b0 15b1 21w0 23b1 22w14,00,0420,5
12Rajath A0IND 50w1 23w1 28b1 1b0 9w0 26w14,00,0420,0
13Tanush P0IND 15w1 42w1 7b0 9b0 38w1 30b14,00,0419,0
14Swapnil V Bangera0IND 7b0 43w1 42b1 33w1 4b0 24w14,00,0419,0
15Dhruv G Puthran0IND 13b0 45b1 11w0 48w1 32b1 25w14,00,0417,0
16Rihaan Achal0IND 43b1 7w0 41b0 44w1 28b1 29w14,00,0416,0
17Shonnon Miranda0IND 23b0 50b1 9w0 52b1 40w1 33w14,00,0413,5
18Akshay Prasad0IND 24b0 31w1 6b½ 49w1 26b1 21w½4,00,0318,5
19Prithvij Vijay Suvarana0IND 34w1 10w1 2b0 40b1 20w½ 6b03,50,0321,5
20Karthik Kulal0IND 29b1 25w1 26b1 7w0 19b½ 5b03,50,0321,5
21Ayaan Ibrahim0IND 5w0 51b1 39w1 11b1 8w0 18b½3,50,0320,0
22Laxman Prabhu0IND 45w1 48b1 1w0 27b1 5w0 11b03,00,0321,0
23Chirag Raj Bangera0IND 17w1 12b0 5w0 39b1 11w0 45w13,00,0321,0
24Prathyaksh Raj Pai0IND 18w1 40b1 3w0 41w1 10b0 14b03,00,0320,5
25Shaurya K Y0IND 44w1 20b0 38w1 4w0 31b1 15b03,00,0319,5
26Vinyas Rao0IND 37w1 49b1 20w0 30b1 18w0 12b03,00,0318,5
27Sohan Nithesh Devadiga0IND 1w0 47b1 37b1 22w0 33b0 41w13,00,0318,5
28Chaithanya Dinesh0IND 53w1 46b1 12w0 5b0 16w0 40b13,00,0317,5
29Winson Chris0IND 20w0 44b1 30w0 37b1 36w1 16b03,00,0317,5
30Poorvik K M0IND 56b1 2w0 29b1 26w0 43b1 13w03,00,0317,0
31Ishanth Gowda0IND 8w0 18b0 34w1 53b1 25w0 38b13,00,0317,0
Vikram Singh0IND 3w0 38b0 50w1 35b1 15w0 43w13,00,0317,0
33Monish Ravuri0IND 52w1 8b0 48w1 14b0 27w1 17b03,00,0317,0
34Aloukik Kumar0IND 19b0 6w0 31b0 47w1 39b1 42w13,00,0317,0
35Aarush Bhat0IND 42b0 36w0 47b1 32w0 49b1 44w13,00,0313,0
36Aarush Rao0IND 49w½ 35b1 40w0 6b0 29b0 48w12,50,0214,5
37Idanth0IND 26b0 52b1 27w0 29w0 48b½ 49w12,50,0212,5
38Bhuvan shetty0IND 11b0 32w1 25b0 42w1 13b0 31w02,00,0219,0
39Romith Khokhani0IND 47w1 1b0 21b0 23w0 34w0 50b12,00,0218,5
40Aarav s Someshwar0IND 55w+ 24w0 36b1 19w0 17b0 28w02,00,0218,5
41Anshul Bhat K0IND 46w0 53b1 16w1 24b0 6w0 27b02,00,0217,5
42Kushagra0IND 35w1 13b0 14w0 38b0 51w1 34b02,00,0217,0
43Aryan A Kashyap0IND 16w0 14b0 51w1 46b1 30w0 32b02,00,0217,0
44Chinmay U devadiga0IND 25b0 29w0 52w1 16b0 53w1 35b02,00,0215,0
45Abhinav A Rao0IND 22b0 15w0 49w0 50b1 46w1 23b02,00,0214,5
46R. Dishanth Kumar0IND 41b1 28w0 10b0 43w0 45b0 51w12,00,0214,0
47Aryan Puthran0IND 39b0 27w0 35w0 34b0 52w1 53b12,00,0213,0
48Vikyath S Rao0IND 54b+ 22w0 33b0 15b0 37w½ 36b01,50,0117,5
49Lathesh Gowda0IND 36b½ 26w0 45b1 18b0 35w0 37b01,50,0117,0
50Arjun S Devadiga0IND 12b0 17w0 32b0 45w0 56b1 39w01,00,0115,0
51Vaibhav Dinesh0IND 4b0 21w0 43b0 56w1 42b0 46b01,00,0114,5
52Adidev SS0IND 33b0 37w0 44b0 17w0 47b0 56w11,00,0113,5
53Sharvan Prabhu0IND 28b0 41w0 56b1 31w0 44b0 47w01,00,0112,0
54Hrishikesh Bharadwaj0IND 48w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0013,5
Kausthuba0IND 40b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0013,5
56Akshaj Prasad0IND 30w0 9b0 53w0 51b0 50w0 52b00,00,0011,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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