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V. Drago Rosso rapid sakkverseny

Last update 21.10.2019 09:59:40, Creator/Last Upload: Schaum Béla

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Starting rank

1Katona Ferenc704130HUN2124
2Horvath Peter749656HUN1950
3Szilagyi Samuel Attila768090HUN1898
4Holtsag Istvan749630HUN1783
5Papai Janos702765HUN1744
6Sziklai Istvan739855HUN1655
7Fabian Gyula798320HUN1648
8Schaum Bela749737HUN1642
9Zelena Zsolt766208HUN1623
10Vavro Lajos790605HUN1501
11Katona Vilmos766062HUN1432
12Horvath Zoltan713139HUN1284
13Czipp Janos739294HUN1274
14Szijarto Zoltan791830HUN1069
15Berczy Lajos791822HUN0
16Bogi Attila784346HUN0
17Kelemen AndrasHUN0
18Kortelyesi Richard17002362HUN0
19Kortelyesi SzilardHUN0
20Schaum MiklosHUN0
21Vanek Benedek17003008HUN0