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Campionat Absolut d'Andorra 2019

Last update 20.10.2019 14:14:24, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank

1IMAloma Vidal Robert2260409AND2483
2FMGarcia Paolicchi Raul6900020AND2252
3FMGomez Anadon Daniel2218151AND2226
4CMJose Queralto Daniel6900089AND2210
5FMGonzalez Maza Rafael2200570ESP2197
6CMLuke Brezmes Cristofer2274477AND2100
7Montraveta Rodriguez Jose Maria6901344AND1842
8Ribera Veganzones Josep Maria6900763AND1802
9Moscoso Rodriguez Joan6900100AND1610
10Alcon Llosada Alex6900780AND1607
11Martinez Gamiz Marc6900976AND1596
12Pantebre Martinez Benet6900429AND1594
13Ribera Veganzones Serni6900860AND1581
14Alcon Llosada Jaume6900798AND1487
15Galera Serra Maria6900283AND1466
16Sanchez Sala Marc6901115AND1246
17Ercoli Andria45166412FRA1239
18Martinez Balastegui Marti6901085AND1228
19De La Riva Real Ariadna6901018AND1214
20Ercoli Jean-Paul45181977FRA1199
21Alcon Beltran Alfred6901069AND1146
22Perez Cortes Bonifacio6901425AND1060
23Chaderat Xarpell Jaime6901093AND1050
24Real Puigdollers Silvia6901336AND1915
25Navarro Mignorance Ernest6900607AND1701
26Sinfreu Sobre David6901476AND1700
27Perez Escuredo Nicolas6901271AND1411
28Prieto Rispolis Iker6901484AND1325
29Perez Escuredo Bonifacio6901360AND1292
30Muñoz Gomes Aaron6901492AND0
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