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11th European Senior Chess Championship

Last update 20.06.2011 13:27:58, Creator: Stefan.Hellweger,Last Upload: Heinz Herzog

Player overview for sui

36FMHohler Peter2144SUI1011½½½015,5232200

Results of the last round for sui

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
FMHohler Peter2144 1 - 0 Quagliarella Sabino Remo1889

Player details for sui

FM Hohler Peter 2144 SUI Rp:2200 Pts. 5,5
186Hlinschi Mihai1702ROU3s 1
29GMButnorius Algimantas2388LTU6,5w 0
360Bisignano Giuseppe1938ITA5s 1
454Theting Helge E2016NOR4,5w 1
516FMGruzmann Boris2281RUS5,5w ½
614FMRooze Jan2315BEL6s ½
722WGMKhmiadashvili Tamar2194GEO5,5w ½
812FMWerner Clemens2353GER6s 0
969Quagliarella Sabino Remo1889ITA4,5w 1