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11th European Senior Chess Rapid Championship

Last update 05.04.2011 17:24:01, Creator/Last Upload: Stefan.Hellweger

Player overview for svk

1GMTimoscenko Gennadij2502SVK011101½116,552433

Results of the last round for svk

Rd.Bo.No. NamePts. ResultPts. Name No.
GMTimoscenko Gennadij 1 - 0 GMKupreichik Viktor D

Player details for svk

GM Timoscenko Gennadij 2502 SVK Rp:2433 Pts. 6,5
118FMBarlocco Carlo2162ITA3,5w 0
211FMGruzmann Boris2281RUS5w 1
320Bayer Wolfgang Dr2073GER4s 1
416FMZhelesny Stanislav2172RUS4,5s 1
58GMButnorius Algimantas2388LTU6w 0
614WGMKhmiadashvili Tamar2194GEO4,5s 1
76GMTseitlin Mark D2420ISR5,5w ½
810WGMFatalibekova Elena2282RUS5s 1
95GMKupreichik Viktor D2431BLR6,5w 1