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Gibraltar International Chess Festival 2020 - Masters

Last update 04.02.2020 18:13:16, Creator/Last Upload: IA Laurent FREYD

Player overview for gre

63GMKotronias Vasilios2526GRE110110010½5,568Masters
134IMIoannidis Evgenios2373GRE01001110½15,5104Masters

Results of the last round for gre

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
1040122IMSukandar Irine Kharisma24025 ½ - ½5 GMKotronias Vasilios252663
1071134IMIoannidis Evgenios2373 1 - 0 FMVedder Richard2263177

Player details for gre

GM Kotronias Vasilios 2526 GRE Rp:2562 Pts. 5,5
1188Cherniack Alex2211USA4s 1
2155WIMNandhidhaa P V2312IND5w 1
324GMDurarbayli Vasif2625AZE5,5s 0
4137IMPigott John C2370ENG4w 1
520GMTabatabaei M.Amin2638IRI5,5s 1
630GMPichot Alan2606ARG6,5w 0
74GMTopalov Veselin2738BUL7s 0
8112IMRakotomaharo Fy Antenaina2433MAD4w 1
9115IMMendonca Leon Luke2417IND6- 0K
10122IMSukandar Irine Kharisma2402INA5,5s ½
IM Ioannidis Evgenios 2373 GRE Rp:2410 Pts. 5,5
111GMCheparinov Ivan2686GEO6,5w 0
2207FMDe Abreu Roberto N2154RSA4s 1
323GMDeac Bogdan-Daniel2626ROU7w 0
4197WFMAlboredo Julia2190BRA3s 0
5211Veltkamp Gerben2140NED3,5w 1
6193WGMEnkhtuul Altan-Ulzii2200MGL4s 1
759GMBellahcene Bilel2536ALG4,5s 1
890GMStefanova Antoaneta2469BUL6w 0
985WGMGirya Olga2477RUS5,5s ½
10177FMVedder Richard2263NED4,5w 1